We decided to have a piratey adventure & go off in search of pirate loot & treasures, with a jar if chocolate coins and broken necklaces in my pocket we headed out… On this occassion we did not make it over to the island but we did return and carry out our adventure again at a later date…
Here’s how we got on…

Our adventure took place looking out to The Worms Head… Rhossili Bay. This was our intended island to explore, when we got there we had to wait until low tide to be able to cross the causeway, our window of opportunity was late in the afternoon so did not give us enough time to explore fully before the sunset and darkness descended so I decided to do our pirate treasure discoveries on the coastline side of the causeway. Once you establish what time low tide is you have 2.5hrs either side to cross the causeway without being cut off.


The causeway path covered in ocean at high tide…

Because the tide took its time to recede (tidal times are still a dependant on mother natures plans, today’s given tide was at least 45 minutes off predicted times) we sat and watched the seals and dolphins circling the island, these were the guardians of the islands treasure

We made our way down to the start of the causeway that heads out to the island, once there the kids set off to explore the rocky beach and rockpools given me chance to secretly place chocolate coins in rock crevices for the kids to stumble upon. (Budgens, 2 bags for £1)


I placed some coins and pearl beads off of a bracelet into a jar and used my permanent marker to draw a pirate skull on the lid…


Mila discovered the loot!!!


I bought a giant chocolate coin that coincidently had a pirate ship design on it, available in Sainsburys as part of their Christmas range, £2 each


The beach was littered in ankle deep amounts of shells, discarded by mermaids…


Mila spotted the loot glinting in the sunshine….



We found a shipwreck sticking out of the sand. The ocean-stripped oak carcass of the Helvetia shipwreck is today an easily located wreck, swept precariously around Worm’s Head into the shallow waters of Rhossili Bay…. The kids preferred it to be a prehistoric sea serpent looking over the pirate island..


We thought the shells looked like butterflies so we made a flower..


As the sun went down we took some time to sit and reflect on our day and write a poem as we looked over to the island where Dylan Thomas had sat and wrote many of his looking back at the shoreline for inspiration.


We didn’t make it over to the island on this occasion (but we did return!) which made the mystery and enchantment of it’s closely guarded secrets a good old piratey tale to tell…. As the sun went down we ate our chocolatey loot and reflected on a good day and made plans for our return 🙂


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