After almost 30 years of working whilst raising a family I decided to become a stay at home mum…our seventh child is expected shortly and I will not be returning to work after her birth. 

I’ve never applied for the job but if I did this is what I would expect the qualification stipulations to be based on the actions I myself have partaken in as a parent that has already and continues to have the experience of six growing children.
Absolutely big up to all parents that juggle work alongside parenthood…this reiterates the fact that you have multiple jobs.
For others that are stay at home parents, your job role is as listed above.
We all have the vocation of motherhood….


Pregnancy is…  
⭐️Being constantly hungry but not fancying anything.
⭐️Having Gaviscon on prescription from the pharmacy.
⭐️Having the ability to intensely clean the house, every crevice, nook and cranny from top to bottom. 
 ⭐️Painting things that don’t look clean.
⭐️Knowing you are pregnant because your teeth feel weird.
⭐️Never feeling alone. 
 ⭐️Delegating the upkeep of your lady garden to your partner.
⭐️Having swollen (elephant) feet.
⭐️Having somebody put your socks on for you. 

 ⭐️Throwing up for nine months but still in explicable really gaining excessive amounts of weight. Sitting down on the floor and struggling to get back up.
⭐️Getting somebody to paint your toenails.
⭐️Viewing everything on the floor that needs picking up as your biggest enemy. 
 ⭐️Needing to contemplate sneezing and crossing your legs and bracing yourself before doing so.

⭐️Obsessing over crushed ice.

⭐️Constant consumption of crisps sandwiches.

⭐️Being an excuse for people to comment about your body. 
 ⭐️Understanding how a Weeble feels.

⭐️Raiding the fridge at 2 AM as normality. 

⭐️Birth plans…  







Ultimately pregnancy is….having ups and downs for 9 months, watching your body grow, feeling precious kicks and spending time barfing up unexpectedly…pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions, sometimes a dark existence but mostly a beautiful one…..pregnancy is seeing out the journey and meeting the most gorgeous little person in the world that you have intricately grown and nurtured for 9 months….pregnancy is….falling in love with someone before you meet them ❤️




 ☀️Here it is! The ultimate summer fun list made by YOU!!
We asked our followers to come up with a list of things to do during the summer holiday come rain or shine, indoors or out, day or night….and they didn’t let us down! 

There’s something for everyone on this list & it will keep you going all through the summer…

Well done ‘Family Days Tried & Tested’ followers….you really do rock & helped make a fab list…

So what’s on the list?

Loads & loads & loads… you go…

☀️Climb a tree

☀️Take a bucket and spade to the beach and have a hole digging contest.

☀️Make some rainbow rice…place some rice into food bags & add a teaspoon of food colouring & a teaspoon of vinegar, dry it out in the sun. Great for pouring play, tipping, fairy fun etc.

☀️Become outdoor artists & paint a picture outside..

☀️Build a den inside using sheets, duvets and cushions.

☀️Build a den outdoors using sticks and foliage in the woods.

☀️Bake cakes & then have a tea party with them.

☀️Have a cake decorating competition.Buy sponge cakes for under a pound at the supermarket and use icing (icing sugar & water) and sweeties to decorate them.

☀️Build a hedgehog bar/house with a cardboard box or ice cream tub and leave it under a bush with a shallow bowl of water, stay up late with hot chocolate and torches to see if a hedgehog comes…

☀️Star gaze with duvets on a trampoline or in a paddling pool.

☀️make a moth attractor, hang a white sheet on the washing line and place a torch behind it…this will double as a shadow theatre.

☀️Throw the bedtime rules out if he window 😀

☀️Have a big clear out of old toys and books, give them to the charity shop or have your own car boot sale to fund a day out.

☀️Have a wash your own clothes day!! Use a paddling pool to wash your own clothes and hang them out to dry.

☀️Make a meadow mural…collect flowers over the summer and use a book to press them and make a picture with them at the end of the holiday, alternatively, collect flowers and make your own fresh flower mural on a sheet.

☀️Silly championships…each family member designs a game/race…the sillier the better! Allocate points for each round, hold the competition over an afternoon and have a medal ceremony, awards giving out.

☀️Make a reading nook by hanging up an old sheet.

☀️Go on a treasure hunt….hide pennies along the way for the kids to find.

☀️Go on a leaf rubbing nature trail, take a notepad and pencil to rub leaves, use the Internet to identify them when you get home or go to a library to get an identification boom.

☀️Have a water fight!

☀️Go rock pooling.

☀️Go on an alphabet walk, find things for each letter of the alphabet.

☀️Go to a pick your own fruit farm.

☀️Make your own crazy golf course at the beach, take plastic cups and flags to make your holes and a rake to make your course-don’t forget your golf club & balls.

☀️Have a campfire and marshmallows. You can buy a fire log in Poundstores which are ideal.

☀️Make a pop up movie theatre, use a pop up tent and an iPad for an outdoor theatre or put a tent in front of the t.v….don’t forget the popcorn!

☀️Visit a castle, you don’t have to go in if you want to save some money, just have a picnic with castle as your backdrop and plan your invasion 😉

☀️Go to the park.

☀️Go to the park in the dark!!!

☀️Ride your bike 

☀️Jump in puddles til your soaked!

☀️Make puddle boats with household junk.

☀️Make a mini volcano, use papier mâché or an empty bakers yeast tub with a lid, take bicarbonate of soda, malt vinegar or effervescent tablets, food colouring and away you go!

☀️Water pistol masterpieces…take an old sheet and use water pistols filled with water and food colouring to create your work of art.

☀️Try Geocaching.

☀️Have a board game day.

☀️Have an outdoor board game day in a tent.

☀️Have a snail Race.

☀️Go bug hunting.

☀️Create your own magic show.

☀️Build a puppet theatre…indoors or out, use an old sheet to hang in the door frame or between two trees and cut a square for your puppet stage, decorate wooden spoon as your characters.

☀️Go to a local fete.

☀️Have a nighttime picnic with fairy lights in the garden.

☀️Go to a museum.

☀️Feed the ducks…frozen peas are recommended.

☀️Grab a net and go pond dipping or butterfly hunting.

☀️Chalk target practice…use water guns to hit them.

☀️Buy a box of chalk….hopscotch, self portraits, pavement pictures etc..

☀️Build your own cereal box town!! Use a roll of lining paper to draw the roads.

☀️Raid pound land with a budget…stock up on cheap art stuff, summer games, books, bubbles etc.

☀️Recycle bag art. Use the contents of the recycle bin, boxes, milk cartons, tubes etc and a pot of glue to make junk models.

☀️Make petal and herb perfumes/potions. give the kids a jar, some water, a bowl to mix it and watch them create their own perfumes.

☀️Plant some vegetables/flowers 

☀️Make a mud kitchen in the garden.

☀️Build  your own obstacle course.

☀️Watch the sun go down.

☀️Watch the sun come up.

☀️Learn how to make a cup of tea.

☀️Go Blackberry picking…make jam.

☀️Stone painting…collect stones and paint them.

☀️Pretend the floor is lava! You can only survive by going around the room on safe cushions!

☀️Visit a farm.

☀️Have your own teddy bears picnic.

☀️Make your own homework station ready for back to school.

☀️Learn some words in another language.

☀️Have a mini sports day with supplies from the poundshop.

☀️Make a you wash stations with buckets of water and big sponges.

☀️Tubs of water and paintbrushes on a warm sunny day so you can water paint on patio slabs and walls and each it disappear as it dries.

☀️Take some flowers yo an old peoples home, or other to do an odd job for an elderly neighbour you may know.

☀️Make a fairy garden.

☀️Make some fairy doors for the woods.

☀️Go plane spotting at the end of an airport runway.

☀️Have a picnic by a river/stream and try to catch fish in a jar.

☀️Have some shaving foam fun in a tray full of dinosaurs.

☀️Make some past jewellery with string and pasta tubes.

☀️Try rainy day lilo surfing down wet grassy banks.

☀️Build a boat…get off cuts of wood and a bag of nails from your local saw mill.

☀️Make a scarecrow.

☀️Make your own pizza.

☀️Make a web of wool or string in the living room (or on trees in the woods), hang small bells on them and challenge the kids to get through the web without ringing the bells.

☀️Go surfing.

☀️Go fossil hunting.

☀️Do some birdwatching, get a birdwatching book from the library to identify the birds.

☀️Build a giant birds/dinosaur best using cut grass & sticks.

☀️Make bird feeders to hang in the trees using string and Cheerios.

☀️Do some paper plate artwork.

☀️Get the most out of your National Trust passes.

☀️Climb a big hill to fly a kite.

☀️Make your own kite with carrier bags and string.

☀️Have your own fashion designing day by making your attire with old fabrics, safety pins and basic sewing.

☀️Go searching for tigers and bears in the forest.

☀️Go on a nocturnal nature walk.

☀️Stay in a caravan.

☀️Have a stone skimming contest.

☀️Buils a wigwam.

☀️Make a rope swing.

☀️Go on a colours of the rainbow hunt…finish with a treat of Rainbow rice puffs and Neopolitan ice cream 😀

☀️write and perform your own play. use sheets hung on the washing line to make your own theatre.

☀️Make ice lollies

☀️Have a disco, make your own playlist.

☀️Have your own plastic duck race

☀️Have a posh afternoon tea with China cups and cream cakes.

☀️Make some dolly dens in the woods for your Brabies and Kens.

☀️Go on a feather hunt.

☀️Take a rake to the beach and create your own giant beach art.

☀️Have a picnic breakfast at the park.

☀️Cook your own popcorn using Kernals.

☀️Have a duvet day and stay in your pjamas.

☀️Have a trampoline pillow fight.

☀️Make a memory book of everything you’ve done!

Didn’t our followers do well! What a fab list! well done to everyone for your suggestions! If you made the list then give yourself a big pat on the back 👍😀

And don’t forget to follow us daily over on our award winning family fun page Family Days Tried & Tested for some frugal and fun memory making over the summer! 

Please feel free to share this FANTASTIC LIST and the only list you’ll need to see you through the holidays ❤️

20 things that KIDS really want from their mothers…VS 20 Things that MOTHERS really want from their kids.


What do our kids really want from us?

What do we really want from them?

1. Not to run the nit comb upwards so confidently through the hair on the nape of their neck.

1. To stop bringing nits home…please

2 Not to go off on one during the process of getting ready for school..

2. To have the skill to get up, get dressed, have breakfast, be organised and locate shoes without sending out a search party before leaving for school.

3. To say it’s absolutely ok to keep faffing about after bedtimes. 

3. To go to bed and immediately go to sleep.

4 To stop expecting them to pick their clothes up.

4. To not expect that clothes, bags, coats, shoes etc are ok to be discarded onto the floor in a natural motion and dropped without a second thought regardless as to where they are standing or walking through.

To have an ability to ‘clean as they go’

5 To stop expecting them to put their uniforms tidy.

5. To present themselves in the morning looking like they have placed their uniforms on the bannister the night before like instructed.

To not present themselves saying they have done this whilst standing in a uniform that will need heavily dousing in steam to remove creases.

6. To stop telling them they’ll go to school with no shoes on.

6. To understand that they will go to school without shoes on and believe that it is not an idle threat each morning & put their shoes where they’ll locate them in a swift manner the next time they have to put them on.

7. To be able to complain about dinner.

7. To not complain about dinner in any manner during the cooking process, whilst it’s being dished up or  whilst eating it. 

To finish their dinner in a thankful & grateful way with a smile on their face. To wear a game face that portrays you are enjoying every last mouthful.

Eat every last mouthful.

8. To not have to turn the t.v down.

8. To realise that if the t.v is turned off it is a consequence of their own actions for not adhering to the rules & moaning about said consequence is just rude & will not get the t.v switched back on.

To not think I’m stupid & remember I have a third ear that can multitask in its listening.

To have the knowledge that I am not deaf & am very aware that the volume on the t.v is being slowly re-adjusted & creeping back up after I’ve instructed it to be turned down. 

9. To have pop whenever they want.

9. To Understand that having  squash or water to drink is completely normal & have the knowledge that pop is just a treat.

Know that it’s not acceptable to think you’ll be permitted to have pop just because you can’t be bothered to make yourself a drink.

10. And whatever they want for pudding.

10. Be happy with an ice lolly for pudding.

Have an understanding that pudding allocation decisions are final, if a yogurt is allocated for pudding you will not be able to have something different just because you’ve vocalised you distaste at the limited choice. Saying you don’t want pudding should not be used so flippantly as an excuse to get out of eating your dinner and they’ll be no going back on your choice to skip pudding once that choice has been made 30 minutes later.

11. To stop putting things in their packed lunch bags which came home rejected in their packed lunch bags the day before.

11. To present me with a lunch bag void of all food items but still with the teaspoon and drinks bottle alongside.

12. To stop having the ability to hear the fridge open or the cupboards rustling and homing in from another room.

12. To stop routing through the fridge or cupboards (especially teenagers) & eating the staple ingredients for a family meal, or opening things and eating a small part of the packet and leaving the rest without informing anyone only to be discovered when the rest of the packet has gone mouldy and is unusable. 

13. To stop asking them to ‘get out of the fridge’

13. To know it’s not ok to eat all the essentials for the pack ups whenever they want and understand dad will go off on one if you eat the chocolate bars (Mars, Snickers etc) when their are Penguins readily available & allocated for the kids. 

This applies to the freezer to. Stop leaving have filled cups of drink in there.

14.To stop thinking its ok to taste test a bit of all food that is dished up (mummy taxing) first & expect to have a bag of crisps opened with losing a few as payment.

14. To have the knowledge that ‘mummy tax’ is an existing fee that all mums take payment of. Any edible item that passes through mums grip is prone to be taste tested at any given time. 

15. Stop criticising their vocal tones. 

15. Understand that the tone in your voice can determine any mood and has the ability to change my mood in a split second.

Understand the use of any voice/tone that is associated with any character in the ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ is wholly unacceptable and will flash me up. 

Vocally portraying The Omen is not a tone to pride yourself on & will not do you well. 

16. To stop moaning at the shortage of space in the bed when they appear in the night. 

16. To know that mum loves a cuddle and will spend the night squeezing and kissing you if you expect to sleep in her bed. Have an understanding that it is still her bed though and have the knowledge that kicking the covers off is not acceptable & don’t get gnarly when she gets agitated by being slapped in the face by your flailing arms at 2.30am. 

17. To stop putting the toys away (Especially toddlers)

17. To stop making such a mess in a path of destruction type way, all the time, continuously.

18. To agree with something that’s said.

18. To stop disagreeing with everything. 

19. To stop trying to be cool in front of their mates.

19. For them to tell their mates they have the coolest parents ever.

20. To always know that they are loved.

20. To always know that they are loved.