999 WHATS YOUR EMERGENCY? (Life saving activity for kids)


**PLEASE NOTE THIS IS KETCHUP, NO ONE WAS HURT OR INJURED IN THE PROCESS OF THIS ACTIVITY** We decided to have a little role play fun & teach the kids how to call for help if ever they needed to. It was gory and fun and valuable lessons were learnt.’

Here’s what we did…

We made a chart of instructions to put by the phone..


I collected together bandages and ketchup for our role play..


I used post it’s to put different scenario situations around the house..


Dopey bugger, someone left toys on the stairs and I fell down breaking my leg, I couldn’t move so Eden had to go for help.


I set up a severed finger scenario..

The kids swiftly patched me up…


I disconnected the phone so they could practice their 999 calling skills.





Mila practiced picking out 9 9 9


Oh dear, I slipped when reaching into the cupboard and my foot became wedged in the toilet..


I had an accident in the garden and was stuck beneath a fallen log…


baby Noah thought it was tasty…


Eden swiftly & calmly pretended to ring 999


Mila practised bandaging..


They were rewarded with medals in bravery & sensibility for their swift and responsible actions…


This was a fun awareness raising activity to try and teach the kids to be calm and collected in an emergency situation. A week after we did this activity I sliced the end of my finger off on a piece of glass and fainted whilst alone with baby Noah and Mila 4, she held the phone receiver for me whilst I called for help and shortly afterwards when I fainted she went next door to raise the alarm and get help, so although we’d had fun and a giggle recreating these scenarios valuable lesson were learnt too…

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