We made our own Frankenstein operation game…
We cut holes in a box 

   We glued some condiment cups from the local fast food restaurant to the inside of the box covering the holes..  

 we then drew and coloured in our Frankenstein patient…  

 and we used our glue to stick him to our box operating table..  

 finally we filled Frankensteins open wounds with bean boozled jelly beans….the jelly bean that sometimes serves up deliciousness and sometimes vulgar tasting treats 😆  


We love a themed bath!
We set about making a spooky themed bathroom to relax in, we swapped the normal lightbulb for a red one, cut out bats from black card and stuck them to the wall, hung some plastic skeletons and chains from the shower curtain rail and put up a plastic scene setter over the window. We finished with some battery operated candles, some yummy treats and a glass of slime! (some green fizz)
We used red bubble bath for our blood bath and you could also use some glow sticks for some glo fun too or jelly bath for a proper slimey dip!
Hers how ours looked with minimum effort 🙂






We love a themed bath!!


IMG_8625.JPGWe headed to the woods for some spooky fun, we had our own ghost hunt after I had pre placed some paper cut out ghosts in the trees. We visited the library and chose some books, took our pop up tent & feasted on some yummies whilst reading our stories by torchlight. Once we had finished I managed to scare the hell out of the kids on the way home, I disappeared into the bushes after telling them a spooky story of someone who had died at the rope swing oak tree, I emerged from the bushes a few minutes later screaming at them to RUN! Sure enough they ran all the way home leaving me behind. We had great fun although I did scare myself….

Here’s how we got on…

I headed out before dark and pinned paper ghosts to the trees..

IMG_8617.JPGI put them high & low..

IMG_8618.JPGonce it was dark we headed to the woods with our torches, a pop up tent & some spooky books..

IMG_8619.JPGwe played silly beggars with our torches..

IMG_8620.JPGthe kids used their torches to search for the ghosts and were rewarded with spooky goody bags once all the ghosts in the woods had been banished..

IMG_8621.JPGwe then set our tent so we could read spooky stories we had got from the library..


I stood outside the tent rustling the trees as they sat in the tent 🙂

The kids had a spooktacular!!


IMG_8332.JPGwe made a gruesome Halloween terror bear lucky dip…
Here’s what we did…

I bought a jar of value pickled onions to use as eyeballs

IMG_8333.JPGI then used a permanent marker pen to turn them into eyes..

IMG_8334.JPGI used a container which I filled with water and cooked spaghetti and I popped in the eyeballs..


IMG_8336.JPGI then found an old teddy bear which I cut a hole in the bottom and removed some of his stuffing from his belly and head..

IMG_8337.JPGI then slipped the bear over the jar and made a hole in his head..

IMG_8338.JPGI cut the hole in the head so head so the kids could slip their hands in to dig around in the innards to find the eyeballs..

IMG_8339.JPGfinally I added ketchup for effect.
And then we dipped for eyeballs…




20140923-112037-40837276.jpg we decided to make our own loot giving monster! Using a box, some expanding foam filler, paint, battery operated fairy lights, 2 ballpit balls & a bowl of sweets we created a monster for our trick o treaters to brave. Dare you plunge your hand into his ferocious jaws and delve into the pit of his fire burning belly for your monster?!
This activity was done by Elis, 9 with a little supervision.
Our main item was a cardboard box and some expanding foam filled, we used some we had kicking about in the garage but cheaper versions can be picked up in pound stores.

20140923-112647-41207054.jpgwe covered a bowl in foil & then taped the bowl to the box where we planned to put the monsters mouth.

We made sure we had safety goggles and protective gloves on.

We then set about covering our box with the expanding foam, we concentrated mostly on the monsters face.

We placed two ballpit balls as the eyes.

We used a mix of emulsion we had in the shed and poster paints to paint our monster.

We left the unpainted monster to dry over night, we then carefully cut the bowl out and cut out a circle for the mouth. We then used a piece of paper to make the teeth.

We used sticky tape to attach the teeth inside the box via a flap I cut in the back of the box.

I had some battery operated lights which we attached to the inside of the box, this are usually available in pound stores.


We put a bowl of sweets inside.

We painted our monster with a mix of emulsion and poster paint (because that’s what we had handy!)

20140923-113711-41831434.jpgour monster turned out fantastic!!!