This week we were asked if we would like to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch & help nature find a home in our garden…

We love all things nature and couldn’t wait to get involved so we signed up.  

  We received a pack from the RSPB with all we needed to know about getting involved which was full of fun information on how we could simply turn our garden into a haven for birds. (In addition we also received some ingredients to help us create our haven-these can be purchased via the RSPB website)

We decided we were going to make a birdcafe and fill it with some fatballs following the easy  instructions to temp the birds.   

The kids soon got to work researching how to make them with a fab Guide.. 

 They were really easy to make… 

 Everybody got involved… 
 we popped out fatballs in the fridge to set.. 

 …and we cracked on with making our bird cafe sign to let the birds know we were open! We used cardboard and some permanent marker pens for our sign. 
 we filled a bird feeder with feeder mix to hang in our cafe… 

 and made some binoculars with toilet tubes to help us with spotting our feathered friends.. 

 we also made our own handy bird spotting guide. 

 After a bit more research on the  RSPB website we hung our bird feeder up in a quite spot in the garden amongst some bushes where the birds were most likely to visit.. 

   and we attached our cafe sign so birds knew it was open! 
 Then we just had to wait and watch…Our binoculars came in handy. 

 It wasn’t long before our customers started arriving…

Our first customer was a Robin!… 

 shortly followed by lots more.. 

 We used our handy spotter guides to identify them and logged them with our stickers..

 We also hung our fatballs up and waited and waited…

We had some birds visit that hung about in the bushes for a while.. 

 and some perched on some logs.. 

 None of our feathered customers seemed to want our fatballs….and then, finally, we had a fab customer!!! 

We had so much fun getting involved in The Big Garden Birdwatch and are looking forward to lots more birdy customers booking into our cafe during the Big Birdwatch weekend! 

More than half a million people from across the UK are set to take part by counting the birds in their gardens over the weekend of 30-31 January, 2016. They’ll also make a record of the other wildlife they see throughout the year, providing a vital snapshot of UK nature…

You too can play your part in giving nature a home this spring, why not get involved and Feed the birds!.

Find more RSPB Family activities here.

How to make birdcakes here.

Order a pack here.

You can also follow more of our family fun both indoors & out on our Facebook page.


  ✨We decided to build a fairy village at the bottom of the garden…

Here’s how we got on..

We used empy juice cartons and a milk carton, we started by covering the cartons with some quick drying white gloss which we had in the shed . 

  we drew on our windows and doors and I carefully cut them out.. 


 we used permanent sharpie marker pens to decorate our houses once the paint was dry. 

We drew and cut out some clothes for a clothes line too.. 


Lastly we used a string of battery operated fairy lights which we fed through the houses to magically light up our village .. 

     We made some fairy donuts using icing & sprinkles to put in our fairy cafe when we placed our village in the garden.. 



We decided that the toys needed a bit of pampering so we set up our own toy wash station.
I gathered up what I had around the house, I filled some empty bottles with diluted bubble bath mixture & cut up an old towel to make several smaller ones, I gathered a small bar of soap, some cotton wool, old toothbrushes, a sponge and hairbrush.
Finally I used some garden string to make a washing line.
Here’s how we got on!




20140612-162829.jpgOnce all was put out the kids were let loose to wash, scrub, primp & preen til their hands were wrinkly from the water & their toys were sparkly..






20140612-163049.jpgWe had great fun and all the toys had a good scrub!