Here’s some fun ways to enjoy food!

Dip spoons in melted chocolate and add sprinkles, leave to cool and then enjoy with hot chocolate.

Make some hedgehog bread rolls.

Have cake for breakfast.

Have a glow in the dark tea.

Make a building site pudding with crushed up biscuits, angel delight and chocolate chunks.

Place small toys in the breakfast cereal to enjoy a blast from the past.

Make some gruesome gingerbread men with some ready made gingerbread men and icing.

Make a movie night nacho tray with an old cupcake box.

Make Vienetta shakes.

Make a giant Toblerone from cardboard and use it as a team building exercise, once they’ve carried it to a location reward them with real Toblerones.

Make Teddy bear toast with peanut butter or chocolate spread, bananas and raisins.

Make a snowman yogurt with raisins.

Make a giant cardboard gingerbread house to enjoy a real gingerbread house in.

Make teddy bear porridge with bananas. Raisins and chocolate sprinkles.

Have eggs for breakfast!

Make a fruit pizza, use grated chocolate as the cheese.

Have a deceptive tea!

Decorate your own egg cups.

Serve your food in something different.

Enjoy hot chocolate in the woods.

Dip breadsticks in melted hcjocolate and sprinkles to make edible sparklers.

Make a tin can marshmallow cooker.

Enjoy some monster cookies with your monsters.

Have a back to from dinner.

Put jokes in their packed lunches.

Use marker pens to make a midnight snack tray. Tray are £1 in IKEA.

Enjoy cake with a beautiful view.

Cook mini marshmallows over tea lights .

Buy apogee cakes for approx 60p each at the supermarket and have a cake decorating competition.

Make a cake that looks like a burger with chocolate sponge and vanilla sponge and ready roll icing and strawberries and have a Wonkalicious dinner.

Make picnic pots with jars.

Have a breakfast picnic.

Make fairy donuts.

Make different shaped pizzas.

Make a jelly baby football table using a box and skewers.

Teach the kids how to make a cup of tea.

Make a chocolate brownie pizza using a brownie mix, Creme fraiche and fruit.

Make basic biscuit into personalised yummy gifts.

Write table manners on eggs with permanent marker pens.

Make chocolate sweetie pizzas.

Have a prehistoric pudding with crumbled chocolate, angel delight and sprinkles.

Make an edible beach pudding with digestive biscuits mixes with butter.

Leave bedtime snacks on their pillows.

Use an empty plastic bottle to plant cress and make a cress hedgehog.

Make a Zingy with a carrot.

Teach the teenager drinks awareness.

Use paint pallets as plates.

Use Creme eggs to make owls.

Have a man versus food tea time.

Head out with all the makings for baguettes and have a baguette battle making competition.

Make a fruity rainbow.

Have a wonkilcious dinner and serve cottage pies in cupcake cases with tomatoes in the top. Use ready roll pastry and fruit to make pizzas. Make a burger cake. Finish by printing off wonka bar covers for bars of chocolate with golden tickets in.

Take cake outdoors.

Make sponge cakes. You can buy cheap packs of sponges in pound stores.

Make a yummy log fire with chocolate rolls and brandy snaps.

Make mud pies.

Make watermelon faces, kids love reviving their own watermelon as a gift!

Pick your own dinner.

Fool the kids by filling Oreos with toothpaste 🙂


Who said food’s not fun?


IMG_5488.JPGYou gotta love chocolate dipping spoons! And they are so easy to make..
Here’s how…
Things you need..

IMG_5482.JPGmelt the chocolate in a bowl placed over boiling water

IMG_5494.JPGonce melted we dipped in our spoons

IMG_5493.JPGand added our choices of sprinkles..
We used a potato to hold our spoons and placed them in the fridge to set..


IMG_5491.JPGwhile we waited for the spoons to set we licked the bowl 😊

They turned out fab..

IMG_5486.JPGand passed the taste test too….


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We decided to make a yummy edible wreath from chocolate crispy cakes!
Here’s how we did it…

We used
1/4 box of cornflakes
2 bars of milk chocolate
Additional sweeties for decoration
Ribbon to hang
Greaseproof paper

IMG_5064.JPGwe cut out a round of greaseproof paper and placed it on a tray (our tray was a pizza baking tray)

IMG_5063.JPGplace a bowl in the middle of the paper..

IMG_5062.JPGwe then melted our ️️chocolate by placing it in a pan over simmering water

IMG_5061.JPGonce melted we stirred in the cornflakes and scooped them onto our greaseproof paper


IMG_5059.JPGwe added our sweeties to make our holly berries and leaves

IMG_5058.JPGand we placed it in the fridge to set

IMG_5057.JPGonce it had hardened up we carefully took it off the greaseproof paper and tied ribbon to hang..



We decided we were going to make some yummy chocolate conkers…

We used..
A box of Toffifee
A bar of Milk chocolate
Half a bar of Caramac chocolate

Here’s how did it.

First we heated the chocolate button on our Toffifee for a few seconds until soft, placed a skewer in the middle and then pushed the two halves together, the softened chocolate acted like glue… We left them for 15 minutes in the fridge to harden back up.

IMG_3627.JPGWe melted the milk chocolate in a bowl placed in hot water..
Then we dipped our Toffifee skewers into the melted chocolate. We left them to harden back up in the fridge..


IMG_3625.JPGonce set we then melted half a bar of caramac in a bowl over hot water and dipped in our conkers, again we left to set..

IMG_3624.JPGfinally I twiddled the skewer gently to loosen it and carefully removed them from our conkers. This left a hole which i threaded the string through…




IMG_3523.JPGExactly what it says on the tin! Our chocolate goody filled xmas pudding is the perfect homemade surprise treat for Christmas Eve.
Everyone needs a Christmas pudding!!!
Here’s how we did it..

Ingredients, milk and white chocolate, (cake covering chocolate is better workable), balloons, and goodies to fill.IMG_3524.JPG
Blow the balloons up ensuring you leave a long neck, if the knot is close to the inflated bit you can ensure the balloon is a perfect sphere whilst only inflating to the size you want.

Smear with butter/margarine to help the chocolate come off easy when the ballon is popped.

Melt your chocolate by placing into a bowl over hot water.

Let the melted chocolate cool a little and SLOWLY dip your balloons into the chocolate to get a good covering, (if you plunge the balloon into very hot chocolate it will explode!!) …put into the fridge to harden… REPEAT THIS PROCESS TO GIVE YOUR PUDDING A GOOD STURDY THICKNESS.

Place your pudding shells into the fridge to set.

Melt your white chocolate in a bowl over hot water, leave to cool for 5 minutes at room temperature.

Spoon your white chocolate onto the top of the milk chocolate, be careful not to play with it too much as this will cause the milk chocolate to seep through giving a marbled effect.

Melt some more milk chocolate for your puddings base, leave the chocolate to thicken up in the bowl before pouring a disc shape big enough to fit under your pudding onto a baking sheet. I found that I could guess roughly the size I needed by placing the chocolate covered balloon into a bowl and then drawing around the bowl onto the baking sheet.

Place your discs and puddings into the fridge to harden.

Once set carefully peel your balloon from the sides of the chocolate DO NOT REMOVE THE BALLOON. Once you have gently peeled away from the sides you can pop your balloon and remove.

Trim the sides of your pudding to make it a nice level to put on the base. Using cake covering chocolate make this easier to do.

Finally melt a little more chocolate to use as a glue to attach the base to the pudding…DONT FOGET TO FILL WITH GOODIES BEFORE SEALING

A couple of spots of melted chocolate is ideal to glue your berries on, I used ready roll icing with a few drops of food colouring but it would be easier to use smarties.

I added a fake leaf to finish, and they are ready to be bashed open on Xmas Eve

IMG_3538.JPGthen all you need to do is crack them open!!!!
I added a fake leaf to finish, and they are ready to be bashed open on Xmas Eve


I decide to do the kids a fun dinner with a difference….all was not as it seemed but it was still a healthy tea!

Here’s what was on the menu..

We had dessert first…shephards pie..

I made it by layering a sundae dish with mashed potato.

20140915-204448-74688224.jpgfilling with the mince..

20140915-204517-74717385.jpgand topping with mashed potato, some gravy granule sprinkles, tomato sauce and a cherry tomato on top!

20140915-204641-74801100.jpgwe then had our dinner for pudding! …..egg on toast.

20140915-204732-74852542.jpgI created it with 3 simple ingredients..

20140915-204822-74902082.jpgto wash down our dinner we had a lemon squash beverage….lemon jelly!



We decided we wanted to make some of our favourite things super sized…the way they should be 😉

Here’s some of the yummies we made..

20140912-181447-65687684.jpgGIANT FINGERS
We made our fingers by making a simple biscuit mix, we mixed together 100g butter, 100g caster sugar & 200g plain flour & a few drops of vanilla essence (optional).
We rolled then into fingers long enough to fit our home made Finger box & cooked at 180c for around 15 minutes. Once cooled we covered them in melted chocolate and placed onto some greaseproof paper to set in the fridge.
We made the box by using a display stand that the supermarket was throwing away, we cut it down to size to form a box but you could use any box and and print off ‘finger’ pictures to stick to it.

20140912-181513-65713925.jpgGIANT MIKADO
We made our Mikados using breadsticks and chocolate. We simply melted chocolate and dipped our breadsticks into them before standing in a beaker in the fridge til they had set.
Our box was made with a cereal box which we covered with ‘Mikado printed paper’ and we lined our box with foil.

20140912-181557-65757081.jpgGIANT WEETABIX
We made out giant breakfast by crumbling some weetabix into a bowl, we then added a little bit of water and shaped it into a large weetabix using a piece of card to keep it together around the edge, we placed it in a warm place overnight to harden back up.
We served our giant breakfast in a mixing bowl with a serving spoon and a giant glass (vase) of milk.

20140912-181645-65805187.jpgGIANT FERRERO ROCHER
It was quite tricky to make but easy to devour! We brushed ice cream wafers with water to make them slightly soft and moulded them to a greased bowl (x’s 2) & then left them in a warm place to dry back out. We then carefully removed the two halves from the bowls and covered with melted chocolate, before they’d completely set we sprinkled the outside with hazelnuts and returned to the fridge, we then filled the inside of the two halves with hazelnuts and a jar of chocolate spread. We used a little more melted chocolate to seal the two halves together.
Finally we wrapped in some gold wrapping paper that we’d scrunched up for effect….

We then used our fingers to eat it for pudding!!!

20140912-181722-65842186.jpgGIANT POP CORN BUCKET..We made our giant bucket using a length of cardboard that we rolled into a giant tube and secured with gaffer tape, we then slotted a plastic mixing bowl into the top and filled with yummy popcorn!

We were most definitely full to the brim!


Today we decided we wanted to make our own ice cream flavours, we decided on the easy option of adding our ingredients to ready made ice cream and decorating our cones with chocolate and yummies..
We started by shopping for our ingredients, chocolate, wafer cones, soft scoop ice cream and sweeties…


Whilst in Tescos we picked up some pots and lids from the salad bar…

20140731-211145-76305833.jpgwe melted our chocolate in a bowl over some steaming water..

20140731-211225-76345776.jpgwe then put our sprinkles and crushed nuts onto small plates so we could roll our chocolate covered cones in…



20140731-211345-76425854.jpgeven the smallest members of the family had a go 🙂

We then placed them in some ice lolly moulds to keep them upright (you could use a glass) and put them in the fridge to harden..

We then set about adding our ingredients to our ice cream, we mixed the ingredients in before the ice cream melted, scooped it into pots and returned to the freezer (we found soft scoop ice cream was the best to use as it didn’t need to thaw to enable us to mix it, it’s important to work quickly to avoid the ice cream melting as re freezing isn’t recommended) ..



20140731-211755-76675747.jpgwhilst the our ice cream sat in the freezer we made labels for our pots..

20140731-211946-76786768.jpgonce we finished our labels we stuck them onto our pots using sticky tape.


We then checked to see if our chocolate covered cones had set..

We popped on a movie and scooped up our ice creams 🙂


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Noah is nearly 2! His birthday is tomorrow so the kids & I spent the afternoon putting together a special circus themed party table with an undertable den for him…
We all helped out, I made the cake a couple of days ago and we used what we already had in the craft box to glue, stick, cut out and paint till we were happy, we even had Noah’s approval.
All that’s left to do now is laden it with scrummy party food, turn the music up, open presents and eat cake!

Here’s how we did it…

We started by putting a piece of material on the table securing it with tape, our material was a fleecy blanket from ikea for a few pound.. I then marked up the bars with a pen ready to cut out.

We pinned some wallpaper to the wall that would be the canvas for our circus scene.

Eden set about making the bunting by using sticky tape to attach coloured triangles to a length of wool (because we had no string)

Everybody helped draw and colour our ringside circus scene.

The backdrop turned out well..

I made a circus parade sign for our circus cage..

We started to lay the table..





20140510-173954.jpgNoah tested out the under table den..

20140510-174027.jpgSo did Mila


20140510-174339.jpgWe used water balloons to fill a basket and stick to the walls, we found that once blown up if we rubbed them on our hands it created enough friction to keep them stuck to the wall..

20140510-174505.jpgWe filled a truck with sweeties.

20140510-174604.jpgAnd wrapped some presents

20140510-174633.jpg everyone did a fab job!!





Pizza doesn’t have to be round to taste yummy!
We used packet pizza base mix that just require water to make and then added a tomato sauce and our choice of toppings to our shapes…

Here’s some different ways to enjoy them…

We made our shapes…


Added our toppings..

Cooked them..




20140425-202059.jpgAll that was left to do was dig in 😊