☀️Here it is! The ultimate summer fun list made by YOU!!
We asked our followers to come up with a list of things to do during the summer holiday come rain or shine, indoors or out, day or night….and they didn’t let us down! 

There’s something for everyone on this list & it will keep you going all through the summer…

Well done ‘Family Days Tried & Tested’ followers….you really do rock & helped make a fab list…

So what’s on the list?

Loads & loads & loads…..here you go…

☀️Climb a tree

☀️Take a bucket and spade to the beach and have a hole digging contest.

☀️Make some rainbow rice…place some rice into food bags & add a teaspoon of food colouring & a teaspoon of vinegar, dry it out in the sun. Great for pouring play, tipping, fairy fun etc.

☀️Become outdoor artists & paint a picture outside..

☀️Build a den inside using sheets, duvets and cushions.

☀️Build a den outdoors using sticks and foliage in the woods.

☀️Bake cakes & then have a tea party with them.

☀️Have a cake decorating competition.Buy sponge cakes for under a pound at the supermarket and use icing (icing sugar & water) and sweeties to decorate them.

☀️Build a hedgehog bar/house with a cardboard box or ice cream tub and leave it under a bush with a shallow bowl of water, stay up late with hot chocolate and torches to see if a hedgehog comes…

☀️Star gaze with duvets on a trampoline or in a paddling pool.

☀️make a moth attractor, hang a white sheet on the washing line and place a torch behind it…this will double as a shadow theatre.

☀️Throw the bedtime rules out if he window 😀

☀️Have a big clear out of old toys and books, give them to the charity shop or have your own car boot sale to fund a day out.

☀️Have a wash your own clothes day!! Use a paddling pool to wash your own clothes and hang them out to dry.

☀️Make a meadow mural…collect flowers over the summer and use a book to press them and make a picture with them at the end of the holiday, alternatively, collect flowers and make your own fresh flower mural on a sheet.

☀️Silly championships…each family member designs a game/race…the sillier the better! Allocate points for each round, hold the competition over an afternoon and have a medal ceremony, awards giving out.

☀️Make a reading nook by hanging up an old sheet.

☀️Go on a treasure hunt….hide pennies along the way for the kids to find.

☀️Go on a leaf rubbing nature trail, take a notepad and pencil to rub leaves, use the Internet to identify them when you get home or go to a library to get an identification boom.

☀️Have a water fight!

☀️Go rock pooling.

☀️Go on an alphabet walk, find things for each letter of the alphabet.

☀️Go to a pick your own fruit farm.

☀️Make your own crazy golf course at the beach, take plastic cups and flags to make your holes and a rake to make your course-don’t forget your golf club & balls.

☀️Have a campfire and marshmallows. You can buy a fire log in Poundstores which are ideal.

☀️Make a pop up movie theatre, use a pop up tent and an iPad for an outdoor theatre or put a tent in front of the t.v….don’t forget the popcorn!

☀️Visit a castle, you don’t have to go in if you want to save some money, just have a picnic with castle as your backdrop and plan your invasion 😉

☀️Go to the park.

☀️Go to the park in the dark!!!

☀️Ride your bike 

☀️Jump in puddles til your soaked!

☀️Make puddle boats with household junk.

☀️Make a mini volcano, use papier mâché or an empty bakers yeast tub with a lid, take bicarbonate of soda, malt vinegar or effervescent tablets, food colouring and away you go!

☀️Water pistol masterpieces…take an old sheet and use water pistols filled with water and food colouring to create your work of art.

☀️Try Geocaching.

☀️Have a board game day.

☀️Have an outdoor board game day in a tent.

☀️Have a snail Race.

☀️Go bug hunting.

☀️Create your own magic show.

☀️Build a puppet theatre…indoors or out, use an old sheet to hang in the door frame or between two trees and cut a square for your puppet stage, decorate wooden spoon as your characters.

☀️Go to a local fete.

☀️Have a nighttime picnic with fairy lights in the garden.

☀️Go to a museum.

☀️Feed the ducks…frozen peas are recommended.

☀️Grab a net and go pond dipping or butterfly hunting.

☀️Chalk target practice…use water guns to hit them.

☀️Buy a box of chalk….hopscotch, self portraits, pavement pictures etc..

☀️Build your own cereal box town!! Use a roll of lining paper to draw the roads.

☀️Raid pound land with a budget…stock up on cheap art stuff, summer games, books, bubbles etc.

☀️Recycle bag art. Use the contents of the recycle bin, boxes, milk cartons, tubes etc and a pot of glue to make junk models.

☀️Make petal and herb perfumes/potions. give the kids a jar, some water, a bowl to mix it and watch them create their own perfumes.

☀️Plant some vegetables/flowers 

☀️Make a mud kitchen in the garden.

☀️Build  your own obstacle course.

☀️Watch the sun go down.

☀️Watch the sun come up.

☀️Learn how to make a cup of tea.

☀️Go Blackberry picking…make jam.

☀️Stone painting…collect stones and paint them.

☀️Pretend the floor is lava! You can only survive by going around the room on safe cushions!

☀️Visit a farm.

☀️Have your own teddy bears picnic.

☀️Make your own homework station ready for back to school.

☀️Learn some words in another language.

☀️Have a mini sports day with supplies from the poundshop.

☀️Make a you wash stations with buckets of water and big sponges.

☀️Tubs of water and paintbrushes on a warm sunny day so you can water paint on patio slabs and walls and each it disappear as it dries.

☀️Take some flowers yo an old peoples home, or other to do an odd job for an elderly neighbour you may know.

☀️Make a fairy garden.

☀️Make some fairy doors for the woods.

☀️Go plane spotting at the end of an airport runway.

☀️Have a picnic by a river/stream and try to catch fish in a jar.

☀️Have some shaving foam fun in a tray full of dinosaurs.

☀️Make some past jewellery with string and pasta tubes.

☀️Try rainy day lilo surfing down wet grassy banks.

☀️Build a boat…get off cuts of wood and a bag of nails from your local saw mill.

☀️Make a scarecrow.

☀️Make your own pizza.

☀️Make a web of wool or string in the living room (or on trees in the woods), hang small bells on them and challenge the kids to get through the web without ringing the bells.

☀️Go surfing.

☀️Go fossil hunting.

☀️Do some birdwatching, get a birdwatching book from the library to identify the birds.

☀️Build a giant birds/dinosaur best using cut grass & sticks.

☀️Make bird feeders to hang in the trees using string and Cheerios.

☀️Do some paper plate artwork.

☀️Get the most out of your National Trust passes.

☀️Climb a big hill to fly a kite.

☀️Make your own kite with carrier bags and string.

☀️Have your own fashion designing day by making your attire with old fabrics, safety pins and basic sewing.

☀️Go searching for tigers and bears in the forest.

☀️Go on a nocturnal nature walk.

☀️Stay in a caravan.

☀️Have a stone skimming contest.

☀️Buils a wigwam.

☀️Make a rope swing.

☀️Go on a colours of the rainbow hunt…finish with a treat of Rainbow rice puffs and Neopolitan ice cream 😀

☀️write and perform your own play. use sheets hung on the washing line to make your own theatre.

☀️Make ice lollies

☀️Have a disco, make your own playlist.

☀️Have your own plastic duck race

☀️Have a posh afternoon tea with China cups and cream cakes.

☀️Make some dolly dens in the woods for your Brabies and Kens.

☀️Go on a feather hunt.

☀️Take a rake to the beach and create your own giant beach art.

☀️Have a picnic breakfast at the park.

☀️Cook your own popcorn using Kernals.

☀️Have a duvet day and stay in your pjamas.

☀️Have a trampoline pillow fight.

☀️Make a memory book of everything you’ve done!

Didn’t our followers do well! What a fab list! well done to everyone for your suggestions! If you made the list then give yourself a big pat on the back 👍😀

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  We decided that we wanted to make our own giant surprise egg, we used it as a sibling team building exercise & once we’d created our egg it was the kids mission to get it to the top of a huge hill intact so we could roll it back down…..everybody helped. 

  We made our egg by making an egg shaped structure using lengths of willow which I then covered with a plastic tape used to cordone things off (non sticky, available in pound shops).

We then covered the structure with chicken wire (not pictured!)

We finished by using rolls of wrapping paper and ample amounts of sticky tape to cover it before using coloured paper to add our detail. 

We made a separate box for the surprise.


Noahs job was to carry the ‘Surprise’ 

 whilst everyone else set about taking turns to carry the egg and using teamwork to carry it together.. 


We walked up under a beautiful blue sky which was slowy disappearing …. 

 and the sun began to set as we got to the top.. 



 So we opened up the suprise which was full of chocolate eggs and ate them as the sun sunk.. 




 And there was only one way down……rolling our egg!! 



You can see our egg rolling back down here on our facebook page 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/287237957955725/videos/998192246860289/


After seeing the new Weetabix advert we decided to make our own Weetabuddies to come on an outdoor adventure with us!
So we created Mr & Mrs Bix with a little icing, some marshmallows & raisins & after a hearty breakfast we headed for the hills with our new hearty company in tow…
Here’s how we got on..
Our adventure took place in the Brecon Beacons in the hope of finding snow…



2015/01/img_0578.jpgwe found some icy puddles to skate on..

2015/01/img_0579.jpgwe could see snow in the distance so headed that way..

2015/01/img_0580.jpgand we found it!!

2015/01/img_0581.jpgkeeping our strength up with some Weetabix for Elevenses

2015/01/img_0583.jpgwe were filled with energy to build out snowman 🙂

2015/01/img_0584.jpgbreakfast with a beautiful view always goes down well & we had a fab time with our buddies in tow!



Taking an old empty photo frame out is one of our favourite things to do…
It’s a really simple and effective way to capture the world around you & gives the kids a different way to look at the world..

Here’s some of the fun we had recently with our frame in tow..IMG_5303.JPG













IMG_5319.JPGEffective eh? Give it a go! It’s a fab way to capture some great memories of your day…


IMG_5124.JPGFor todays festive adventuring we decided we were going to become outdoor artists specialising in sculpture and portrait painting.
What better way to try our hand at sculpture than involving an essential of christmas…Toblerone….but on a giant scale 🙂
Our aim was to take our prebuilt 8ft chocolate bar to the top of a hill as a team building exercise for the kids…they built it, they carried it and they tussled with it in the wind until we were 4 triangles down and a roll of tin foil lighter! (Which we did retrieve)
We then headed to the beach for the afternoon laden with paintbrushes and paint, we had a quick stop off at The Works for an easel & an artist pad…(£9.99 for the easel but money well spent as it folds down flat for the car and will be used again & again in future adventures….perfect for the mountains!)

Here’s how we got on…

We used sheets of cardboard to make our triangles which we then wrapped in paper ready to paint brown..IMG_5138.JPGwe attached our triangles to a piece of board (an old cupboard backing) using a glue gun and duct tape. Once secured we painted brown and wrapped a few triangles in tin foil…

IMG_5139.JPGso we were ready! We woke up to a cloud of misty rain and wind but decided to brave it and headed out with our Toblerone in tow..

IMG_5121.JPGThe big kids bonded with no option whilst carrying the bar whilst the smaller kids carried their own triangles..

IMG_5122.JPGIt took us 20 minutes to reach the top of the hill, we had a few cross words which were amusing to watch happening underneath a giant chocolate bar but ample giggles as the wind nearly took them off a few times 🙂
But we made it and worked up a big appetite…

We kicked about up the top pleased at ourselves for our chocolately achievement whilst the wind battered us and the rain came in..


IMG_5127.JPG…before deciding to head back down whilst we still had a few triangles left..

IMG_5128.JPGwith a good bit of excercise partaken in our sculputre mission we took our Toblerone back home and grabbed some paint supplies and a flask of hot chocolate and headed to the beach for some seaside chippies, some sea air and a spot of portrait painting…
With a quick stop off in town we picked up some squirty cream for our hot chocolate and a nice sturdy easel to stop our art blowing away from The Works.

IMG_5136.JPGand after a car journey of bickering we set about painting each other in a good light….in fact it was a beautiful light as the sun went down 😉


IMG_5130.JPGMila painted Eden..


IMG_5131.JPGwith the rosiest cheeks…


IMG_5133.JPGshe was a very proud artist 🙂

IMG_5135.JPGthey all did a fab job and produced some beautiful original works that will hang well on the wall and last a lifetime in the memory bank…



IMG_0027.JPGwe headed to the woods for a festive picnic, some cracker hunting, a spot of sprout potting & some whipping up of some reindeer food..
Here’s how we got on…

IMG_0023.JPGwe took with us a few boxes of crackers…

IMG_0024.JPGand a festive tipple! It is Christmas after all..

IMG_0026.JPGwe took with us a cake which we covered with carrots that were to be left for the woodland reindeer to feast on…

IMG_0028.JPGthe kids enjoyed milk and cookies whilst I disappeared to hide the crackers..


IMG_0022.PNGand then they were off!!

IMG_0032.JPGthey had to find four crackers each before returning to the table so everybody got a chance..

IMG_0033.JPGthey all gathered in a pulling frenzy!

IMG_0034.JPGand we read the jokes..

IMG_0035.JPGsome of us wore hats…and others didn’t 🙂

IMG_0037.JPGwe then gathered up our sprouts for a game of sprout potting



IMG_0040.JPGwhich eventually turned into a game of muddy sprout paintball type human target practice..it got messy

IMG_0041.JPGand there were casualties 🙂
After our game we calmed down with some sedate reindeer food making..we mixed porridge oats with glitter


IMG_0043.JPGand we popped it all into an air tight container ready to sprinkle Christmas Eve




We were set a challenge to make a festive wreath by our friends over at ‘Mum in the Mad house’….so we accepted….
We’ve never made a real wreath as an activity before so thought we’d give it a crack…..the perfect opportunity for an adventure.
We decided to head to the forest for a festive afternoon to search out the ideal tree to decorate for our appreciation of the Christmas trees home and to leave the woods nice and sparkly for the Christmas reindeer that supposedly practice their night flight there…
We took some decorations and some garden wire, cutters, ribbon & Poundland battery operated fairy lights to make our wreaths.
Here’s how we got on…

IMG_9958.JPGwe headed into the Forest of Dean with our basket in tow

IMG_9960.JPGand we found a tree…a beautiful tree..



IMG_9952.JPGthe tree looked fab and shall remain there until after Christmas when the flight reindeer finish practicing and we return to de-decorate it.
We then headed to the lake to find a spot to make our wreaths picking up pine branches as we went…and pine cones too

….everyone collected


IMG_9956.JPGthe lake was beautiful and we took time to reflect

Then into our wreaths,
The picnic tables were frosty but we set up on one..

Mila had other ideas…because she’s 5

IMG_9955.JPG we used garden wire to bind together our pine sprigs


IMG_9942.JPGNoah bashed..

IMG_9944-0.JPGwe finished by tying ribbon on..

IMG_9940-0.JPGand Dad helped add the lights.

IMG_9939.JPGit turned out fab!!


IMG_9961.JPGwith the light fading we headed home..


IMG_9932.JPGand Noah carried the wreath with a helping hand.



Thank you Mum in the Mad House, we enjoyed our challenge and our memories hang nicely on the door.



IMG_9786.JPGAfter arguing, griping, groaning, picking, prodding, sniping & bickering with each other for 24 hours I decided it was about time the kids learnt a few lessons in getting along, teamwork, helping hands & working together.
We achieved this with a carpet role tube we had found discarded on the roadside for the bin men to collect.
So the preteens set about transforming the tube into a North Pole sign….mutually agreed.
IMG_9798.JPGThey covered the tube with white paper and strips of red paper..IMG_9799.JPGthey used a piece of card to make The North Pole arrow..
Finally we used an old mirror ball which we taped to the top..

IMG_9797.JPGWith our pole made we set out to find somewhere to stand it…it was their mission to use teamwork to carry it together.
So we headed to a hill in the middle of the forest.
Here’s how we got on…

IMG_9796.JPGMila was responsible for carrying the sigh that we’d attach to the pole.


IMG_9791.JPGthey worked well together and collapsed in a heap at the top.
They took turns choosing a spot to place the pole…


IMG_9793.JPGand finally they agreed on a spot..mutually

IMG_9792.JPGwe spent some time absorbing the falling sun


IMG_9788.JPGbefore we headed back down…using teamwork….

IMG_9781.JPGno arguments….

IMG_9779.JPGand getting along as we went 🙂

They worked well together and a good amount of calm was restored between them….everyone should own a get along pole….



Our adventure started off with a Gingerbread house kit that we found after halloween in Tesco for £1.50 & a large box we had from the delivery of a new kitchen appliance…
We decorated our gingerbread house during the week and used our box to make a giant gingerbread house..





IMG_4840-0.JPGwith our gingerbread houses, some hot chocolate, sprinkles and cream, we headed to the woods..

IMG_4837.JPGwe whipped up our cream with a splash of green food colouring..

IMG_4838.JPGwe added our sprinkle decorations to our hot chocolate Christmas trees…we used whipped cream that didn’t stand up very well, you could use normal squirty cream for snow covered trees and use sprinkles and strawberry laces for the decorations..

IMG_4832.JPGthey went down a treat..

Noah decided to have his in the gingerbread house..

IMG_4855.JPGat this point the 9 & 10 year old were arguing and bickering and finding fault with each other so much that they were pointed in the direction of the car to watch from afar so that the little ones could enjoy the trip without having focus constantly taken away :-/
So, as the smaller ones enjoyed their drinks I set about hiding hanging chocolate Santas in the trees…

IMG_4835.JPGand they set about finding them..



IMG_4851.JPGwith their Santas found we left them to play and explore whilst us olds drank our hot chocolates 🙂


IMG_4849.JPGthen it was time to dig into our gingerbread house!



IMG_4845.JPGa quick last minute search for any last Santas and once we were happy we’d discovered them all we headed back to the car…

But we missed one which I took just for me 😉



✨Last year we discovered an elf.
We’d headed to the woods to decorate some Christmas hanging biscuits to hang in the trees for the woodland animal to nibble on.
We heard about how Christmas sleigh pulling reindeer practice their flight skills in the woodland in the run up to their big job for Santa on Christmas Eve….they are very elusive but we thought we’d go and see if we could catch a glimpse…
We decorated our biscuitsIMG_4684.JPGand hung them in the trees for the elusive reindeers..

IMG_4685.JPGand although we didn’t catch a glimpse of the Christmas reindeer we did find some sparkly poo which we were convinced was evidence that the reindeer had been there! (I mixed plasterscine with glitter and dropped it whilst the kids weren’t looking..shhhh)

IMG_4680.JPGand then we found her!


IMG_4683.JPGwe reached her down and took her home….we knew nothing about her, where she had come from and what she was doing in the woods…..but we were soon to find out…


IMG_4679.JPGThe next day we visited Santa at Clearwell caves and as we were leaving his grotto we noticed a present under his tree addressed to ‘Mila’ (left there secretly by me!)

IMG_4674.JPGwe took the present home with us and opened it..

IMG_4676.JPGit contained a wishes jar to fill with festive wishes..and a letter from the North Pole explaining that the elf was a Christmas woodland elf and had been in the woods helping the sleigh reindeers practise for Christmas Eve when they got disturbed….The elf had got left behind!


IMG_4673.JPGthe elf would be staying with us until the reindeers returned on Christmas Eve.
We soon found out that the elf was called ELFINA after we awoke one morning to discover she was crafty elf..




IMG_4614.JPGWe arrived home one day to find she had transformed the bathroom into a Christmas grotto!



IMG_4647.JPGshe even turned the breakfast milk into a yummy hot chocolate treat..

IMG_4623-0.JPGwe think they must have been missing her at the North Pole because we stumbled upon a ‘LOST’ poster whilst we were out walking..

IMG_4625.JPGand then one night a very interesting thing appeared under the Christmas tree! It was a North Portal…

IMG_4627.JPGit turned out that the portal was a direct link of communication between the North Pole & Elfina..

IMG_4643.JPGwe awoke one morning to find the beacon of light inside…a light to guide Santa to Elfina on Christmas Eve and take her home..

IMG_4628.JPGElfina made herself at home in the meantime..


IMG_4629.JPGshe even issued he kids with a behavioural notice one morning

IMG_4621.JPGand gave them a warning that they may get coal…..which they did

IMG_4622.JPGwe found her at the beach one day with a thinking bottle for us..(This was on the anniversary of the death of a sibling)


IMG_4672.JPGand we found her on Milas coat peg at school!

IMG_4633.JPGshe had lots of festive fun with us and was quite pesky but lovable



IMG_4632.JPGshe even got others involved in her peskiness…

IMG_4620.JPGwe woke up Christmas Day to discover Elfina and had gone and only the Portal remained…but she had left us a very special package


But it wasn’t the last we saw of Elfina, she regularly pops back during the year, appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye…she came at Easter..




IMG_4687-0.JPGshe visited whilst I was in hospital


IMG_4613.JPGand she pops back leaving presents every now and them…she left ballet shoes

IMG_4688.JPGone night she even appeared with a pack of cards from the North Pole with Milas design on it! (I photocopied a drawing she had made after she went to bed)

IMG_4604.JPGshe fleets in and out of our home..
✨We woke up today and she was perched on a tree in the garden which was full of Ferrero Rocher!

IMG_4669.JPG✨💖🎄❄️It’s lovely having Elfina around…
✨You can follow more of her adventures & antics with us along with bucket loads of childhood magic on facebook…please come and see us!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-days-Tried-tested/287237957955725