IMG_9317.JPGWe made our own Christmas Eve jarmie tops, we used a packet of (felty type) dishcloths from Poundland and some white tshirts, we cut out our designs and glued them to the tshirts using all purpose glue suitable for fabric. We finished with googly eyes and some fur from an old teddy for Santas beard. You could use felt from a craft shop and fabric glue but this works just as well and was super cheap 🙂 (not sure how they will fair in the wash but for under a £5 for all materials for all 3 it doesn’t really matter because they were completely made with love)
Here’s how it went…







The kids loved their PJ and were proud of what they had made 🙂


Digging in the archives I’ve selected over 100 different boredom busting ideas for the kids to try out during the school holidays… Indoors & out, sunshine or rain, here’s my choice to keep the kids entertained…
1.Make your own fairy doors..

20140524-142847-52127071.jpg2..Make a box dolls house using samples collected from B&Q… Be your own interior designer!

20140524-142953-52193922.jpg3..Make your own pine cone hedgehog pets.

4..Have an indoor campout..if you haven’t got a pop up tent then build an under table den..

20140524-143223-52343988.jpg5..Make donuts for the fairies using Cheerios & icing.

20140524-143314-52394977.jpg6..Take a train ride.

20140524-143411-52451380.jpg7..Set up a marble hunt in the woods.

20140524-143455-52495007.jpg8.Make your own Tree folk.

20140524-143534-52534111.jpg9..Have a cake decorating competition, buy value cakes for approx 60p each and decorate with icing and sweets. The winner of ours got a half an hour extra bedtime pass.

20140524-143737-52657543.jpg10..Make a milk carton bird house/feeder.

20140524-143822-52702010.jpg11..Tin can lanterns. Fill an empty tin with water and freeze, once frozen carefully use a hammer and nails to make your own patterns, once finished run under warm water to release the ice and pop in a tea light. ( best suited to older children, take care of sharp edges)

20140524-144052-52852302.jpg12..make a chocolate brownie, creme fraiche and fruit pizza.

20140524-144204-52924970.jpg13.Watch trains passing.

20140524-144233-52953812.jpg14..dig for hidden money at the beach (draw a square and bury coins to be found) elastics.

20140524-144411-53051660.jpg16..make a Reading hammock with a long piece of fabric.

20140524-144459-53099185.jpg17..Take a boat ride. planes from the end of a runway..

20140524-144703-53223056.jpg19..Design your own clothes and use your phone camera to help you try them on.

20140524-144751-53271080.jpg20..Make a fabric or rope swing.

20140524-144820-53300801.jpg21..Become an outdoor artist.

20140524-144851-53331811.jpg22..Go stream fishing with nets and jars.

20140524-144932-53372672.jpg23..Build boats with wood offcuts from a saw mill and a bag of nails. in puddles.

20140524-145049-53449167.jpg25..Have a wheel barrow race.

20140524-145117-53477351.jpg26..Make some toilet tube tunnels.

20140524-145150-53510777.jpg27..make a jar fairy house lantern

20140524-145224-53544384.jpg28..make a matchbox art box

20140524-145316-53596448.jpg29..make matchstick aeroplanes.

20140524-145354-53634054.jpg30..have a mini marshmallow tealight toasting session.

20140524-145455-53695959.jpg31..Have a look at some art and try recreating it.

20140524-145534-53734880.jpg32..Experiment with eggs.

20140524-145606-53766062.jpg33..make an outdoor Lego Playstation.

20140524-145640-53800436.jpg34..Make an outdoor art Playstation.

20140524-145712-53832026.jpg35..have a mud tea party.

20140524-145758-53878648.jpg36..make an Elmer elephant from a milk carton.

20140524-145844-53924841.jpg37..make a woodland tripwire course.

20140524-145919-53959344.jpg38..get the kids to wash up.

20140524-145951-53991777.jpg39..make some giant Mikado using breadsticks and melted chocolate.

20140524-150033-54033834.jpg40..make an outdoor Reading area using a bed canopy or sheet.

20140524-150139-54099484.jpg41..put on a puppet show with your own lollipop stick puppets.

20140524-150217-54137482.jpg42..sail some cork boats

20140524-150250-54170660.jpg43..make an outdoor treasure table to put things you collect whilst out.

20140524-150335-54215372.jpg44..make a milk carton watering can.

20140524-150410-54250971.jpg45..bury your own time capsule.

20140524-150443-54283555.jpg46..have a kite retrieval challenge, make some simple kites with paper and string and throw them into the trees for the kids to climb and retrieve.

20140524-150559-54359122.jpg47..make a ribbon wind sock using a plastic milk carton.

20140524-150656-54416958.jpg48..make your own junk band.

20140524-150728-54448207.jpg49..create your own Man V food tea.

20140524-150811-54491237.jpg50..decorate some paper lanterns (3pack at Poundland)

20140524-150907-54547276.jpg51..make a sheet den by hanging a broom or stick in a tree using strong and hanging a sheet over it.

20140524-151012-54612250.jpg52..make you own picnic pots using jars.

20140524-151102-54662194.jpg53..try your own flower petal art.

20140524-151135-54695073.jpg54..make some fabric fairy wings.

20140524-151233-54753584.jpg55..make a mountain out if a molehill. old treasure (you can buy old coins on eBay to drop to be discovered!)

20140524-151418-54858691.jpg57..make fun shaped pizzas. a penny search in the grass.

20140524-151636-54996741.jpg59..make some salt art bottle using salt and chalk.

20140524-152205-55325414.jpg60..make carrier bag kites

IMG_3861.JPG61..Make breadstick sparklers

IMG_3831.JPG62..Hunt for autumn colours

IMG_3832.JPG63..make a conker abacus

IMG_3833.JPG64..carve stick toadstools

IMG_3834.JPG65..go rainy day lilo surfing

IMG_3835.JPG66..make an autumn crown

IMG_3837.JPG67..make paper doiley ballerinas

IMG_3836.JPG68..make limpet shell mushrooms

IMG_3838.JPG69..make spooky eyes from toilet roll tubes

IMG_3839.JPG70..make an autumn lantern an under table bear lair

IMG_3841.JPG72..make some stick stump robins

IMG_3842.JPG73..Have a picnic supper before bed

IMG_3843.JPG74..go on an alphabet hunt

IMG_3844.JPG75..make your own beach art with a rake

IMG_3845.JPG76..make an under table house den with a sheet

IMG_3846.JPG77..Have fun with an empty picture frame

IMG_3847.JPG78..go waterbutt rolling

IMG_3848.JPG79..have an upside down back to front dinner

IMG_3849.JPG80..have teddy bear porridge

IMG_3850.JPG81..make a colour wheel with leaves

IMG_3851.JPG82..make some hazelnut owls in the park in the dark

IMG_3853.JPG84..make a homework station

IMG_3854.JPG85..take your duvets to the cinema

IMG_3855.JPG86..create a themed bath some extreme stairway boating (caution needed!)

IMG_3857.JPG88..Set up a bed outside for a duvet day!

IMG_3858.JPG89..Watch finding memo from a boat out fireflies, secretly splash glow sticks in the trees

IMG_3860.JPG91..make a fruit pizza

IMG_3862.JPG92..make your artwork come alive with playdough glow in the dark swingball

IMG_3864.JPG94..have a half term budget

IMG_3865.JPG95..become housework hereos

IMG_3866.JPG96..make toilet roll poos a rope swing

IMG_3868.JPG98..have an autumn picnic shadows for skeleton leaves

IMG_3871.JPG101 have tea on the sofa!




I collected some cardboard boxes of different sizes, you can do this on any scale, supersize would be cool. We made sure they all fit loosely into each other and then set about painting them. We used white emulsion to cover the boxes to give us a good base to add colour,once dried i carefully cut the heads off making sure that on the last box i only cut 3 sides so we could have a securing flip top. Then we used normal crayola paint to add colur. (You could use more permanent paint if you wanted to make them waterproof)….simple and effective and a good project, you could get creative and do different characters, Dr Who, Star wars, Ben and Holly, spongebob, your family etc… you could even do a different design on each side. We love our Russian dolls.

We headed outdoors on a camping trip to make these..
Here’s how they turned out…

We set about painting the base coat with a tub of white emulsion we had in the shed.


Baby Noah helped too.

and got mucky….

…very mucky!!


we left our boxes to dry.


once dry i carefully cut around the tops,on the biggest box i only cut 3 sides and then just scored the 4th side to create a flap type lid.


we put the boxes back inside each other.


and headed for home.

we then set about painting our design. I drew the design with marker pen and showed the smallest members of Family Days where to paint. I kept the design bold and chunky with a basic pattern to make it easier for them.


Eden, 8, did the more intricate painting.


we put the lids on…. noah took them off again.


so i snapped quickly. CHEESE. very proud kiddies.




After finding a carpet roll tube in a skip we decided that we wanted to make our own totem pole, so we set about drawing and painting it and then with some team work and effort we lugged it up a really big hill to stand it up in all it’s glory overlooking the valleys of South Wales…
(We used normal paint to paint it so made sure it was a sunny day when we headed out, we bought it back home and it now stands proudly as a reminder of our efforts in the corner of the living room)

Here’s how we got on…






Even the littlest members of the family helped carry it!

Once up the top of the hill we did lots of shouting into our tube..


We even had a little sibling rivalry and donking on heads 😉

And finally we started to stand our pole!


We stood it!! TEAMWORK ACHIEVED! it looked great…



Full of the joys of spring and with a lovely blue sky overhead we decided we wanted to bring some colour to the trees…
So we made some beautiful butterflies…

Here’s how we did it..

We washed out some empty milk cartons.

I then carefully cut the carton into strips and drew butterflies on them for the kids to carefully cut out..

Once we had our shapes we coloured our butterflies in with permanent marker pens..

They looked great! We stuck some gems to some of them..

We finished by poking a paper clip through each one to hang in the trees.

We then set about hanging them in the trees..

They looked BEAUTIFUL 🙂


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We made some beautiful garden lanterns, we personal used them ourselves with felt tip pens.

Here’s how we made them…

We bought a 3 pack of basic white paper lanterns from Poundland…


We then used felt tip pens to decorate them with designs and doodles…


They looked fab when finished!

We finished by popping in a battery operated tea light, these can also be bought in Poundland, a pack of 4 for £1.



We decided we wanted to make our own instruments with things we had around the house..
Here’s what we did…

We used some balloons which we’d cut the neck off and stretched over beakers to make our drums…

We used the neck ends of our balloons to make our duck quaker kazoos, we cut a piece of lollipop stick to approx an inch and stretched the end of the balloons over them..


We put some uncooked rice in a dry bottle to make our maracas..

Our square guitars were made using the lid from a Ferraro Roche box which we stretched elastic bands over..

Finally, all good bands have a leader so we made a loud speaker for them using a milk carton..


Our instruments were really simple to make and very noisy and we had lots of fun…

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