IMG_4458.JPG We headed to the beautiful Castell Coch in South Wales. An enchanting Cadw fairytale castle nestled in ancient hillside woodland, this was the perfect setting for us to do some dragon hunting.
When we arrived we were greeted by the most magical castle ever, beautifully exuding under a blue dappled sky…

We checked out the castle, walking around it and exploring the moat before heading in..

Inside was magical..




IMG_4448.JPGWe came across a magical wand and witch hat! We’d heard about the dragons that roam in the woodland surrounding the castle and the magic cast to turn the fire breathing ones to wood…we thought we could use the wand and hat to head out into the wood to cast protecting spells within the autumnal trees…

IMG_4446.JPGso we finished exploring the castle..




<img src="https://familydaystriedandted we caste a spell within the castle walls to keep it safe in our absence

IMG_4472.JPGand cast a spell over the castle as we left.

IMG_4473.JPGthe woodland was beautiful and basked in Autumn sun as we headed in search of dragons…

IMG_4462-0.JPGwe came across a sign on a tree as we went further into the trees..

IMG_4502.JPGand we found a magical leaf floating in the air….it was caught in a spiders web thread but was high enough for the kids not to see….. It floated on the enchantment that filled the air…

IMG_4464.JPGwe thought we may be getting closer to the dragons lair as we caught lots of dragons breath prickles on our clothes as we walked through the trees…if a dragon breathes fire within an enchanted wood it turns to prickle balls that fall to the ground and prevent the dragon from landing….this deters fire breathing dragons.

IMG_4463.JPGbut it did not deter us..

IMG_4466.JPGwe explored some more and were brave..there was plenty of evidence of dragon battles with trees pushed from the ground.


IMG_4468.JPGand then right there on the woodland floor we discovered a dragons egg!! Right at our feet..

IMG_4501.JPGwe decided to take it with us as we didn’t want a baby dragon roaming in the woodland! Imagine what could happen should it hatch and it be an inexperienced fire breathing dragon?! ….we took it for the safety of the castle.
It was glistening and rather beautiful.

IMG_4506.JPGwe abandoned our search for the wooden dragon after deciding our best option was to head back to the castle as the sun started to descend as we didn’t want to get caught in the woodland under the cover of darkness.
We arrived back to find the castle covered in shadow..

IMG_4441.JPGwe cast one last spell over the castle to restore light and left our wand and the dragons egg at the castle door before we left…

IMG_4460-0.JPGour visit to Castell Coch was truly magical…

There is a wooden dragon sculpture on the trail at Castell Coch but we arrived late in the day and never made it to the Dragon once we’d stumbled on the eggs and the day started to disappear…we will return another day bid to find it. But here’s proof that it’s there..


We are very lucky to be Family Faces for CADW which enable us free entrance to their sites. Please check their webpage for more detailed information regarding opening times and admission fees.
The woods surrounding Castell Coch are free to roam with only a small car parking charge required.