Last week we were lucky enough to be invited by the lovely people over at First Encounters to pop by for one of their amazing 3/4d scans for a beautiful & intimate experience that the whole family could enjoy….we were all going to take a peek at little Ms A, all snuggled up & cosy and baking nicely at 26/27 gestation.
How could we refuse? 

To say we were excited was an understatement, but, having had the confirmation of our scan time we decided to not tell the children until we got there….

With loads of drinks on board to get the best scan views possible and a bag full of sweeties for a sugary fix to get the baby active we set out.

It didn’t take long for the kids to click on to the surprise we had in store 😊

We were greeted at the reception by two ladies who straight away welcomed us and got us settled in….even with 4 children in tow they managed to cater for us all making everyone feel involved, they left mum and dad to fill in a few simple forms whilst talking us through what to expect and the facilities available… 

 all the kids had a cup of tea 😊

and the receptionists took some time to show the kids some scale models of babies.. 

 after completing our forms we were shown into the scanning room which was really comfortable and accommodating for all of us, with ample room and numerous large screens to ensure everyone had a fab view of the baby when scanned.  

 The next twenty minutes were truly amazing as the sonography talked us through everything that she could see to make sure we, and the children, new what we were looking at.. 

 she took the time to stop the live view of baby A to point out her arms, legs, hands, feet, the cord….even the sign that she will have hair when born! 

It was pretty crazy… 

 Everyone was silenced for a few seconds as the sonography made a recording of Baby A’s heartbeat which would later be inserted into a precious keepsake bear to take home and listen to over and over.. 

   At the end of the scan a reassurance report was completed detailing heart beat, weight, length, gender (if required) & movements.

With the scan complete we returned to the waiting room.

In the waiting room we were given a portable DVD player with a DVD of our scan playing, and a bundle of small photographs so we could choose a few of our favourite to place in keepsake key rings.. 
 our package came with the unique Photocloud, you’re provided with your own personal password that enables you to access all your scan photos via the website for a period of one month from your scan date….There are no copyright restrictions to the images within your photocloud™ album, so you may download, print and distribute as you desire.  

 It really was a special experience, our goodies, photos , momentoes/keepsakes were given to us in a pretty gift bag.  

 We were invited to First Encounters for our scan but have been before in previous pregnancies, the Pricing & packages have something to offer for everyone & we would highly recommend a visit for a unique experience to bond with your baby before birth or to introduce your unborn child to siblings… It certainly melts your heart. 

We can’t wait to meet our new bundle in person and we would like to thank First Encounters for being part of such a special introduction to the smallest member of the Family Days clan...

You can find more info on the extremely competitive packages that First Encounters have to offer here

You can also follow them on their Facebook page here for their latest news, offers and competitions. 
Everyone should experience a 4d scan ❤️


  We made some fab light boxes to display our artwork on the wall!!

We used

  • Our artwork
  • A cereal box
  • Black paint
  • Sticky tape
  • Battery operated fairy lights

First we drew our pictures  

   Then we cut a hole in our cereal boxes.. 
   We used sticky tape to attach our artwork to the inside of the box..before carefully painting the box black.. 
 We left to dry.. 

   We attached our fairy lights to the inside using sticky tape.. 
 before hanging on the wall with a small tack.. 

   How fab do they look!! 


We were recently introduced to the wonderful & fun world of scooting!!

Scooters are something we’ve never really considered so when the lovely people over at Micro Scooters wanted to send us some to celebrate becoming finalist in the family fun category for the MAD blog awards….we accepted with excitement! 

Tailored to suit individual needs the scooters were ideal for the different age catergories in the house…everyone big and small had something just right for them…from a stunt scooter for the teenager right down to a dinosaurtastic scootersaraus set for Noah, 3. These scooters were certainly a far cry from the scooters that our elder children had played on 10 years ago, we were surprisingly impressed at how scooters have evolved! 

After ordering our scooters they arrived with us with 24 hours!! It was like Christmas… 

 Everyone was over the moon and eager to try them out… 


 So with all the scooters easily put together with zero stress we took a vote and decided to head out and trial our scooters with a trip to the skate park!
Here’s how we got on on our very first adventure with our Micro Scooters

With our scooter bags packed with duck food and pennies we found a great stretch along the seaside to test our scooters.. 

 the girls accessoried… 

 our first test was a speed test….Noah was the starter….

 and finisher….😊 

 but it wasn’t long before they raced off to do their own thing… 

 Elis, a usual skater boarder, took some time to familiarise himself with his new stunt scooter before we headed to the skate park.. 

 And obviously with his new scooter in tow, Noah 3, wanted to follow his big brother… 

 so we watched for a while from afar… 

 before heading down for a closer look.. 

He watched his brother whizzing past with the bigger boys so we decided to walk around the adjoining lake to feed the ducks in the hope that the skate park would be a little quieter later on…

So back on the scooters, we headed off… 

   Noah was sure the swans had come to check out his fantastic dinosaur helmet 😊 
 With a bit more practice under our belts…including a little practice in dusting ourselves off… 

 we headed back to the skatepark…

It was a lot quieter…we watched for a while… 


 big brother and little brother scooted alongside each other… 

 until their knees could take no more… 

 and their hearts were content with a day full of scooting memories to take home… 

 We would like to thank Micro Scooters for sending us our new scooters, we can’t rave about them enough! They are fantastic and a superb addition to the family, our schools runs just got a whole load easier and fun…

You have the one 110% approval from us for a family fun product! 

The scooters we were sent were *Micro MX BenJ stunt scooter

*Micro Trixx scooter

*Maxi Micro scooter 

*Mini Micro Scooter

You can find more info on their website Website here.

Or you could follow their Facebook page here for info, competitions and loads of fun…

We are now scooting converts… 

 Especially a three year old, dinosaur loving little boys that now has some fab memories and a new favourite item to take to bed 😉❤️ 

You can follow more of our daily family fun on Facebook here.



After almost 30 years of working whilst raising a family I decided to become a stay at home mum…our seventh child is expected shortly and I will not be returning to work after her birth. 

I’ve never applied for the job but if I did this is what I would expect the qualification stipulations to be based on the actions I myself have partaken in as a parent that has already and continues to have the experience of six growing children.
Absolutely big up to all parents that juggle work alongside parenthood…this reiterates the fact that you have multiple jobs.
For others that are stay at home parents, your job role is as listed above.
We all have the vocation of motherhood….


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☀️Here it is! The ultimate summer fun list made by YOU!!
We asked our followers to come up with a list of things to do during the summer holiday come rain or shine, indoors or out, day or night….and they didn’t let us down!

There’s something for everyone on this list & it will keep you going all through the summer…

Well done‘Family Days Tried & Tested’followers….you really do rock & helped make a fab list…

So what’s on the list?

Loads & loads & loads… you go…

☀️Climb a tree

☀️Take a bucket and spade to the beach and have a hole digging contest.

☀️Make some rainbow rice…place some rice into food bags & add a teaspoon of food colouring & a teaspoon of vinegar, dry it out in the sun. Great for pouring play, tipping, fairy fun etc.

☀️Become outdoor artists & paint a picture outside..

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 Merthyr Mawr Dunes provided the setting for parts of Lawrence of Arabia, they are one of the largest groups of sand dunes in Europe and their remarkableness will not disappoint you, they are fab for dune surfing!  

Take a picnic and make a day of walking around the dunes and exploring the ruins of Candleston Castle and taking a small hike over the dunes to Ogmore beach (approx 20 minute walk) 

The dunes are full of small wildlife and beautiful foliage and flowers…snails and butterflies are in abundance.

Location- Merthyr Mawr, Bridgend CF32 0PA car parking was £3 for the day.

It’s a lovely walk….

Here’s how our walk looked…  


Pregnancy is…  
⭐️Being constantly hungry but not fancying anything.
⭐️Having Gaviscon on prescription from the pharmacy.
⭐️Having the ability to intensely clean the house, every crevice, nook and cranny from top to bottom. 
 ⭐️Painting things that don’t look clean.
⭐️Knowing you are pregnant because your teeth feel weird.
⭐️Never feeling alone. 
 ⭐️Delegating the upkeep of your lady garden to your partner.
⭐️Having swollen (elephant) feet.
⭐️Having somebody put your socks on for you. 

 ⭐️Throwing up for nine months but still in explicable really gaining excessive amounts of weight. Sitting down on the floor and struggling to get back up.
⭐️Getting somebody to paint your toenails.
⭐️Viewing everything on the floor that needs picking up as your biggest enemy. 
 ⭐️Needing to contemplate sneezing and crossing your legs and bracing yourself before doing so.

⭐️Obsessing over crushed ice.

⭐️Constant consumption of crisps sandwiches.

⭐️Being an excuse for people to comment about your body. 
 ⭐️Understanding how a Weeble feels.

⭐️Raiding the fridge at 2 AM as normality. 

⭐️Birth plans…  







Ultimately pregnancy is….having ups and downs for 9 months, watching your body grow, feeling precious kicks and spending time barfing up unexpectedly…pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions, sometimes a dark existence but mostly a beautiful one…..pregnancy is seeing out the journey and meeting the most gorgeous little person in the world that you have intricately grown and nurtured for 9 months….pregnancy is….falling in love with someone before you meet them ❤️


We were lucky enough to be invited to try out the new indoor Treetop adventure golf  course in Cardiff! And little did we know that we’d be in for a real treat….nestled in the heart of Cardiffs City centre it really was a fab afternoon out exploring an indoor tropical jungle full of golfing delights.

The kids had a fantastic time and it was a great location for a family treat..
Here’s how it looked..
The courses were fantastic and we really felt like we were in the jungle with sights and sounds all around us…

With two course we played the first and in between we stopped off for snacks in the themed cafe corner overlooking the courses…


 The kids had non alchoholic cocktails!!

The attention to detail was fab all around in every corner, nook & cranny….even the toilets!

After our break we went on to do the second course of two…

And we had the chance to win a free round on the last hole…

And we won a return visit!!!

   Treetops adventure golf  was a fantastic treat for the kids and they loved it! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would like to thank them for inviting us to play.

For more info including opening time, prices, special offers, location etc please visit their Website or find them on Facebook
Everyone here at ‘Family Days Tried & Tested’ gives the Treetops adventure golf course the big thumbs up and suggests that should you want to treat the kids then this is the place to do it! 10-10