We decided we wanted to make our own instruments with things we had around the house..
Here’s what we did…

We used some balloons which we’d cut the neck off and stretched over beakers to make our drums…

We used the neck ends of our balloons to make our duck quaker kazoos, we cut a piece of lollipop stick to approx an inch and stretched the end of the balloons over them..


We put some uncooked rice in a dry bottle to make our maracas..

Our square guitars were made using the lid from a Ferraro Roche box which we stretched elastic bands over..

Finally, all good bands have a leader so we made a loud speaker for them using a milk carton..


Our instruments were really simple to make and very noisy and we had lots of fun…

If you would like to find more daily frugal & fun memory making activities & adventures during a childhood that’s fleeting you can follow us on Facebook, come Take a peek https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-days-Tried-tested/287237957955725?ref=hl

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