Our plan was to make a yellow submarine under the table but due to having no yellow paint I started by making the ocean viewing window that lets us see out from within our submarine. In addition to our under table submarine we now have an adjoining ocean den too, simply made by wrapping cling film around the table legs and adding paper fishes & fairy lights.
Here’s how we did it…


I cut out paper fishes..


I wrapped cling film around the table legs & stuck the fishes to it.


I placed the table a few foot from the wall so we could make an ocean den beyond our table.


Our ocean den that joins onto the table..


The table will be transformed into a yellow submarine with a view to the ocean outside which will double up as an additional den.


I placed battery operated fairy lights between the layers of cling film.


Our aquatic undertable scene which will be the view from inside our submarine.


Then we set about making our submarine using a cardboard box with fold out sides…

We placed our yellow submarine ready to be boarded submerged within his under table ocean….

If you would like to follow more of our adventures and daily frugal magical memory making activities during a childhood that's fleeting, come find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-days-Tried-tested/287237957955725

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