I often wondered this when blankies & comforters would seemingly vanish into thin air, we’d tear the house apart without any joy, admit defeat, & then without explanation the said lost item would reappear from nowhere ready for a continuation of love, hugs & filled with a duty to comfort any little stubby fingers that should pick it up.

But now we have an understanding. A comfort that ‘lost’ doesn’t mean sad, or lonely, quite the opposite really. I’m now sure that ‘lost’ is a get out clause for all those providers of comfort. It’s a time out. A well earned break. A time for rejuvenation.

We were thrown into the world of a lost bunny in the summer & this is an incite into exactly what this fluffy, worn bundle of tattered pinkness got up to before she was found again, reunited & returned home to carry on with her duties to stand side by side with her little person & absorb all the love that every comforter deserves.

Our paths crossed on the south west coast on a beautiful summers day, as we dragged ourselves away from the beach wary from suncream & chops sticky from overly priced ice cream, looking lonely, dropped, abandoned, ‘lost’ on the floor of a fast emptying carpark surrounded by smells of chippy chips, seagulls & kids arguing over seat placements as they packed up in their cars to return home….. This is where our adventure began.

After asking the few people that remained in the carpark if they’d dropped the bunny we returned to our caravan holiday home along with our buckets and spades, footwells full of sand & a reflection of a great day we’d had, we returned back to our holiday field with ‘lost’ bunny in tow.

Once back we decided to do what we could to find where the bunny had come from, where she needed to go back too, so we posted a photo on our Facebook page which had a lovely following of parents from the area that we thought may possibly lead in the lost comforter being claimed. We never envisaged the response. It was crazy, loyal & a joy to watch as people shared with friends, family, other sites. In fairness it was overwhelming that such a plea could be heard so loudly.

As a family we always log & share our adventures, relatively new to the world of blogging we liked to get out, we like to make memories for a childhood which passes so very quick, we had set up a Facebook page to show others how we do this, to inspire, to make people smile & show people that normality comes in all forms within family life…. we would post anything we did that would achieve magical memories for our children, without much effort needed, without spending the world & solely with a little love & imagination. So the natural thing for us to do until (not knowing the outcome at the time) bunny went home was to take her on our adventures, & welcome her into the family.

And so our journey began.


We kept an eye on Facebook to see how our appeal progressed, it had response and a few promising leads but nothing strong enough to find bunnies home, so we cracked on with our exploring with bunny in tow.

Our first stop was the seaside town if Ilfracombe where bunny sat pondering over the ocean wondering if she’d get home..

We showed her some modern art & stared up at Verity the beautiful towering Damien Hirst statue looking over the harbour..

We even managed to eat a little fudge to try and take her mind off being lost..

To end our time in the South west we stopped off at Dartmoor in search of the beast of Dartmoor…we found footprint 😮


As our holiday came to an end we had still not located bunnies owner so we headed home over the border & into our beautiful homeland of Wales..

We kept an avid eye on Facebook & the appeal grew & grew & grew… And then we had a message that stood out from the others, a message that confirmed that Bunny had a home, across the country & a far cry from our green valleys of Wales, Bunny was from the city, near London, & she was being missed by an 18month old girl who had loved her since birth.

So we started to make the arrangements for bunny to return home!!!


BUT it was a bank holiday weekend, bunny couldn't travel across the country for another 3 days, she had to stay with us, so we decided in the meantime bunny would join the family, adventure with the family & we would share our adventures & bunnies adventures on our Facebook page for her owners to keep up to date with their lost toy…

First bunny brushed up on her Welsh language..


we headed out to embark on bunnies first ever mountain climb so we could show her our beautiful Wales…


We sat and ate carrot cake & enjoyed the view.

The view was beautiful under a glorious blue sky..

We took along our comforter toys to keep bunny company and make her feel at home, they ate welsh cakes too..

Bunny did very well climbing but needed a little help at times..



We saw lots of things on our day out, fairy mushrooms, fairy doors & even caterpillars..




It was a tiring day and we were all knackered..

Bunny took some time out to think of home and her little girl..

But we hugged and reassured her..


We returned home with a stop off for tea at a castle


Before snuggling down to read bunny a bedtime story to make her feel better..


The next day we embarked on some fossil hunting.


Which was fruitful..

And stopped off on the way home to build our own tipi and explore the corn fields..



We had a busy day and all along posted pictures of our adventures to keep everyone informed that bunny was well and although homesick she was having a fab time…

We went to bed happy and excited for our last day of adventuring with bunny alongside…
We decided to get up early and enjoy the sunrise..

Before returning home to prepare bunny for her journey back home…


Bunny whizzed back home via courier to her little girl, she arrived safe and sound, we made her a tag to go home with should she ever get lost again.

So lost toys…. They do not always remain lost & most often when found they are loved too until they reappear where they belong.

We are https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-days-Tried-tested/287237957955725?ref=tn_tnmn, adventuring is what we do, memory making for our children with a little magic and make believe is what we do. Sharing our journey to inspire others to do the same…. That’s what we do.

Bunny was just one of our adventures, a fleeting journey within a couple of days, we adventured before the bunny and continue to adventure today as we will tomorrow.

Childhood sure doesn’t last forever but memories do.

Feel free to pop over to our page and join in with our ongoing memory making quest, it’s just for fun, for free & for our children who will grow to hopefully do the same with theirs & make the world smile.


We love toasting marshmallows! On an open fire, over the gas hob and even by tealights….

There’s nothing better than being in the toasty warm inside, a good book, rain lashing at your window & hot chocolate in a mug….

There’s nothing better than toasting mini marshmallows by tealight..

Here’s how we did it…

First we gathered our hot chocolate..


Then we gathered our marshmallows on cocktail sticks, some squirty cream & sprinkles…


Then we laid the coffee table with our mallow winter warming feast…


Finally we toasted & ate til marshmallows came from our ears…

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We decided to head out to the cinema, but with a difference.

We stared by digging the pop up tent from the garage & making our cinema listings sign…


We made our popcorn bucket from an old upturned lampshade..


We choose the beach as our location and set up shop…well, cinema 🙂


After making our screening as comfy as possible with pillows & blankets we choose our film. With the aid of our iPad we settled down to watch ‘ELF’


We even managed to nip out in the interval to grab an ice cream to enjoy overlooking the ocean..


The kids thought this was fantastic, sea breeze, chippy chips, a tent, blankies, popcorn, hot chocolate & all served up with a trip to the outdoor cinema..


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With the colours of autumn in beautiful force Noah, 18mnths & I pulled on our wellies and headed out for a leaf collecting jaunt..


We spotted & collected loads…


We kicked through the leaves & even ended up taking off our shoes..


When we returned home our first mission was to make a sensory bottle with some of our autumnal loot, we filled a plastic bottle with leaves & petals & sealed the lid with some glue…




We then made some animal collages with our leaves..


Our favourite was the moose 🙂


and our reindeer..


and we couldn’t resist a hedgehog…


Autumn is such a great time to head out & collect stuff and a real treat for the imagination..

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Chocolate goody filled xmas pud.

Today we made our traditional Christmas pudding, & like traditional pudding it was filled with money….. But this wasn’t any old Christmas pudding, it was our annual Family Days Tried & Tested Christmas pudding 🙂

At first glance our pud was pleasing to the eye, scary to the waistline & wondrous to the kids..


But beneath the festively delicious exterior our pud was full of loot…


So how did we do it?

We covered balloons with chocolate….


Left them to set…


Added more chocolate…


Iced….with more chocolate..


Filled… With more chocolate..


And finally sealed.. With more chocolate.


This is an ideal treat for Christmas Eve.
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