It’s been a chaotic week here at Family Days, it feels like not much has been achieved as I seem to have concentrated more behind the scenes and a little less on the frontline, we’ve had various bugs accompany us for the last 4 days so have been graced with some of the children off school which is always a pain when schoolruns still need to be done for the uninfected ones. Eventually we’ll all go down with it, one by one, it will come full circle & start again. The joys of primary school years. Seem to be well on top of the nits though, which is good.
I worked out today that I’ve been doing the school run solidly for 17 years, ironic really as I still don’t seem to have aquired the knack to sort my hair out or dress in anything other than ‘chuck em on’ clothes before I get to the school gates….. I have a few more years to perfect it though.

Between duvets on the sofa, work & chasing baby Noah we’ve still managed some sedate activities, Monday started off with a realisation that a dragon egg we were keeping in the airing cupboard had hatched overnight, Mila, 4 has spoke about little else all week and spent lots of time searching for signs of the newborn creature within the house, she’s even spent reoccurring moments pleading mr Family Days to remove the tank from the cupboard so she can inspect behind it…..with a consistent refusal to do so she is now convinced the tank cupboard is a lair 🙂
We also decorated some pots ready to plant our sunflowers, made some pretty dolly jewellery & had a few disasters in the kitchen trying & testing our culinary skills. We escaped the kitchen & ventured into the garden to make our own outdoors theatre & started on remaking our outdoor mud pie cooking station. ….. Then the sun disappeared.

We also started on Fathers Day.

Tomorrow we have another birthday in the house, this time a 16th.
Ms Family Days shall be 16, she bought her very first pair of high heels. A far cry from the moment we trundled to the hospital with a 1/4 of liquorice torpedoes & a 1/4 of mini jelly babies to see us through labour. She’s such a fool, a gorgeous teenager with the world at her feet, not overly nimble & mainly happy in her own pit. Away from the limelight a lot but always behind the scenes. Easily flashed up but always willing to embrace with a smile. 16 years & she exudes more & more beauty in everything she does each day. She’s growing up.

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Emergencies, ducks & dragons


The weekend was good even given an apparent return to Autumn.
It started on Friday with a very valuable lesson being learnt by all, it got a bit messy & evidently gory but we can now confirm that all children within the household know what to do in emergency situations & are capable of ringing 999 should the situation ever arise. We played out an assortment of emergency situations with the help of some bandages & ketchup, it was a lot of fun, before we had a chance to clear away our apparent massacre we had a knock at the door, we’d recently had some building work completed & wasn’t happy with the job, i’d rang the builders boss & after discussions he arrived unexpectedly looking stern, I lead him through the house, past a towel covered in ketchup, a pile of bandages covered in ketchup, through the kitchen and past the breadboard with a carving knife covered in ketchup & splatter up the wall, more ketchup covered cloths on the side and into the garden to be greeted by a log covered in ketchup…. Not sure what he thought but he assured me he’d get the problem sorted out, I briefly tried to explain to him that it was part of a role play lesson but he seemed to shuffle through the house without hesitation. I did sat down quite happy that he seemed to agree to rectify the work for us without a murmur of fuss……

Saturday came & we finished off prep for our duck race, I’d purchased 50 ducks for £4.99 in Home Bargains so decided to make use out of them with a trip to a local river…. It was quite a traditional, simple & effective outing and although the kids were soaked from head to toe, including shoes, they displayed big smiley faces all the way home even when the rain came & it turned bitterly cold. I’m sure a few of our ducks escaped too as we didn’t come home with them all…
Saturday was also a special day in the house with baby Noah turning one, I’m not sure where the time has gone although it equally feels like he’s been here forever, it’s strange how things can potter by in the blink of an eye but also seemingly move in slow motion, we’ve lapped up every moment. He’s beautiful & inquisitive & the apple of many eyes.
We didn’t plan for his birthday & surprisingly we never really do, we just seem to go with the flow & play birthdays by ear….. we played this one by ear with the aid of a chocolate cake & a paddling pool set up in the kitchen, baby Noah had his cake & ate it too. It was a truly messy but delicious ceremony.

Sunday we hit the road again & commenced on an adventure to hunt for dragons!!! We did this with a few duck eggs which I had purchased for 40p each, I decorated them with permanent marker pens and sprinkled them with glitter……we then headed for the coast.
We started our hunt at Ogmore castle by the sea where we crossed the river via some amazing stepping stones, we were accompanied by the pouring rain all day but our spirits were not dampened (even though the 7 & 9 year old argued from dawn til dusk) we walked through bluebell woods, across bridges & over sand dunes before reaching the ‘dragon wood’ at the ruins of Candleston castle, with a little slight of hand I placed a warning poster on a tree & hid the eggs for the kids to discover. The sign was discovered and eventually our hunt was fruitful….. We found DRAGON EGGS!!

We took our eggs home & placed them in the airing cupboard…. Not sure what’s gonna happen next but hey, it’s only Monday & the first job in hand is to put the house back together, contend with stupid amounts of washing & try and resume some kind of tidiness after the fallout better known as the weekend has started on its weekly loop.

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Another week. Windmills, waterfalls, wild swimming & heartbeats.


So we are coming to the end of another week, it’s been a very good one even if a little bumpy at times. We started the weekend basked in glorious sunshine that rolled off our beautiful welsh hills, the rain stayed away and we all absorbed a lovely taste of summer…. We grasped it with both hands and by the armfuls with an unwillingness to let it go.
Our week started with a trip to Somerset, we visited a 5000 year old Neolithic burial chamber & with headlamps and torches were able to explore the chambers, one of only a few that allow you to do so. And it was free. We stopped off at Nunney castle for a few skips around the moat & with a picnic in hand spent our afternoon fine dining at Stembridge Tower Thatched Windmill…. A truly gorgeous location. (We even found a mouse, disappointingly without clogs on but still there, on the stair, a little mouse)….. We finished our day at the beach as the sunset in Weston-super-Mare, eating fish and chips and cutting our losses from the 2p machines…
We continued the weekend with full intentions of a gorgeous roadtrip to the mountains, we went through the usual traumas of kitting up, herding the kids, settling arguments over seating arrangements & set off for the hills….. No sooner did we set off that we had to return after an unexpected projectile vomit in the close confines of the car from baby Noah, (Mr Family Days sparkly nearly new clean smelling & uncluttered car! I knew it wouldn’t last) still with sunshine overhead we stayed close to home with sick bowls & piles of towels at arms reach…. Luckily it was a 24 hour thing and we used the opportunity to tend to the garden, washing and other mundane necessities which I could quite happily neglect when the suns out.

Monday came & we tried again, aware of the bank holiday traffic we were undeterred we packed up, pulled on our walking boots, settled arguments & took changes of clothes, towels, ducks & lots of yummies and headed for the hills. We embarked on a beautiful climb in the Brecon Beacons to a beautiful lake nestled behind Pen y Fan (the highest mountain in South Wales & one of our favourite haunts) here we were treated to a discovery of lizards, frogs, spawn, leeches and other wildlife, the kids dipped in the water and sailed a raft. We descended the hill along a river which we raced rubber ducks down. We finished our walk with a dip under a waterfall….

Tuesday normality returned, housework, washing, school runs, and unfortunately heart conditions too. Still in our stride we tried to maintain normality but had to have a trip to the doctors & cardiac unit to try & put Mila, 4, back on a good path of twinkling heartbeats as she presented a little poorly, (I shall blog about the heart condition that graces us shortly for those of you unaware)…. With a jiggle of meds & a full m.o.t we hope to be ticking along nicely back on track soon.

Overall it’s been a lovely week, unfortunately I haven’t had ample time to further work out this blogging lark, but still on my list I intend to get my head around it over a takeaway on Friday evening….

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The Sun had his hat on..

So the sun seems to have finally decided to grace us properly & evidently with a big fat hat on…..
It’s been a strange week that seems to of just fleeted past really quickly, luckily on the whisp of a sun beam :-), we started on Sunday with a visit to the forest to hunt for boar, pan for gold in the river & damn build… All were successful.
We’ve spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the good weather without having to tow a load of wellies and waterproofs with us & enjoyed some hazy lazy days. Towards the beginning of the week we focused on some messy play with baby Noah, filled the paddling pool with shaving foam & made some discovery bottles…. we made our own cute watering cans, danced under blossom trees & made the most of the sunshine with a bit of extreme bank rolling with the aid of a garden watering butt filled with cushions & as I sat watching the kids scramble in the butt it finally dawned on me why my children are always sporting small bruises & scrapes on their arms & legs…… I hope they have a memory for every war wound when they grow up. We also did some wheelbarrow racing inbetween clearing the garden & loading a skip & yesterday we played in the park til the sun went down…
Mila learnt how to blow a grass trumpet, although that’s all she really did as holding the grass was a bit tricky so I held & she blew… we even hedged our bets with a little snail racing & I am now firmly skint of any lose change smaller than pound coins.

It’s been a good week. I braved Tesco & managed to spend £130, return home and sit down with a realisation that there’s still really nothing much in the cupboards, although due to the weather the freezer now resembles a well stocked ice cream van, i paid the road tax with a lump in my throat & the orange mobile bills………thankfully we have just enough left to fill the car & hit the road at the weekend with the treat of a Subway on our travels. Hopefully it’s gonna be a weekend of beautiful sunrises & appreciative sunsets, sand beneath our toes & maybe a climb to eat cake in the clouds. There’s no doubt they’ll be a few arguments along the way but that’s us. My main priority for today is to contemplate what I can cook for tea with my freshly stocked cupboards….

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To start, under a blue sky on a Wednesday morning…..

Ok, so I finally succumbed, I fretted, toiled, scratched my head quite often & even stepped away from the computer several times but I returned…. I still don’t have much understanding but I am sure I will learn by error as we go along. Here I am, me, I am blogging.
As a quick brief our home has been Facebook for around 9 months now & I decided to branch out. We class ourselves as Family Days, it’s us, on a day to day basis exploring the world (beyond our doorstep) and sharing our journey, our adventures, our discoveries, sometimes our trials and tribulations, a little dysfunction thrown in along the way and a lot of normality…. We hope to inspire & reinforce with you that our belief in natural play, play that doesn’t cost the earth, a little muck, cream cakes with beautiful backdrops & sprinklings of magic here and there can go a long way, create happiness, stability, install a sense of adventure, freedom and maybe even a touch of self confidence and an aspiration to grab the world with both hand….our biggest aim is to show you how you can achieve great memories of your own with the simplest of things regardless of your finances, surroundings, amenities or capabilities.

We are a family with 6 offspring (21,15,9,7,4 & baby Noah), Mr Family Days works full-time & i work part time, we also both cook, clean, do washing, sort out arguments, contend with schoolruns & traumatise over bedtimes, We are on the whole skint but with petrol in the car and most often wellies on our feet we grasp a willingness to try and make those memories that most often are free but priceless in their value & lifetime lasting, in the process of trying to make those memories it doesn’t always go to plan or we may stray from direction but we have fun building times to reflect on….. & memories of all sorts are formed along the way.

So that’s us, Family Days Tried & Tested, welcome to our blog.

Please bare with me on this blog as I haven’t got clue……..

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