We went on an after school adventure took us to The Old Station in Tintern, a favourite local spot of ours to take a picnic to and walk through the woods, along the riverbank, through the meadows and generally absorb the beauty of the Wye Valley in which it’s nestled in.

It costs just £1 to park for 3 hours and is always open. 

There’s a stationery train which double as a museum & gift shop during the day and a cafe that sells all sorts of yummies….but you’re free to take a picnic too. 

The play park has recently been added to and you can check their websites for organised events if you’d prefer…we just like to visit to enjoy all the natural beauty it has to offer….


Here’s how our visit looked  


A fab place!!  


  ✨We decided to build a fairy village at the bottom of the garden…

Here’s how we got on..

We used empy juice cartons and a milk carton, we started by covering the cartons with some quick drying white gloss which we had in the shed . 

  we drew on our windows and doors and I carefully cut them out.. 


 we used permanent sharpie marker pens to decorate our houses once the paint was dry. 

We drew and cut out some clothes for a clothes line too.. 


Lastly we used a string of battery operated fairy lights which we fed through the houses to magically light up our village .. 

     We made some fairy donuts using icing & sprinkles to put in our fairy cafe when we placed our village in the garden.. 



    With festival season on us it’s time to start thinking of pimping the rides of he smallest members of the family… A good 3 wheeled buggy & a little imagination goes a long way. Here’s some of the rides we’ve had in the last few years & a peek at how we transformed them…








We used cotton and thread to sow fake flowers to the hood and pull ties to attach them to the pushchair frame and wheels.  We intertwined strings of battery operated fairy lights all over the frame and amongst the flowers… 

           It’s all a bit of fun and involvement for the smallest members of the family…we certainly stand out on the school run in the summer!
But what will we do this year…….


 Isn’t blossom beautiful?! 

We picked up some blossom on the way home from school to play with and decided it would be gorgeous if we had a dress made from it….so that’s exactly what we did!

We printed off some photos and became our our blossom fashion designers..




 How stunning did they look?  








 Our blossom dresses were really effective and beautifully smelling 😊🌺

You can follow more of our natural adventures & daily parenting at Family Days Tried & Tested on Facebook. 

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  As part of our ongoing toddler mini adventure series aimed at making the most of the pre nursery time remaining with Noah before he heads off to school in September, endeavouring to slow down & embracing our time together, today we went on a colours of the rainbow hunt with Noah… 

This also formed part of our local places exploration..

We went to Lydney Park spring gardens, nr Chepstow…..it was an absolutely beautifully stunning place & the perfect place for a colourful adventure with or without the kids… There was so much more to see there but our objective was to find colours… 
You can find more details of admissions & opening times at http://www.lydneyparkestate.co.uk/gardens.html
Here’s how our day looked 😊 


We found blue..
and green..
and red…


yellow (on the way there!) 

 Lots of pink…


we even stopped for an orange :-)


There was plenty to explore… 

The gardens were stunning…& the colours kept coming… 






There  was lots of beauty to see, together with a tea room, a museum & a deer park where you could picnic!


We finished our rainbow hunt with a colourful picnic….. 




  We decided that we wanted to make our own giant surprise egg, we used it as a sibling team building exercise & once we’d created our egg it was the kids mission to get it to the top of a huge hill intact so we could roll it back down…..everybody helped. 

  We made our egg by making an egg shaped structure using lengths of willow which I then covered with a plastic tape used to cordone things off (non sticky, available in pound shops).

We then covered the structure with chicken wire (not pictured!)

We finished by using rolls of wrapping paper and ample amounts of sticky tape to cover it before using coloured paper to add our detail. 

We made a separate box for the surprise.


Noahs job was to carry the ‘Surprise’ 

 whilst everyone else set about taking turns to carry the egg and using teamwork to carry it together.. 


We walked up under a beautiful blue sky which was slowy disappearing …. 

 and the sun began to set as we got to the top.. 



 So we opened up the suprise which was full of chocolate eggs and ate them as the sun sunk.. 




 And there was only one way down……rolling our egg!! 



You can see our egg rolling back down here on our facebook page :-) https://www.facebook.com/287237957955725/videos/998192246860289/



We went for a walk at the beach and picked up a handful of small pebbles, when we got home we searched out an old picture frame & removed the glass. We then cut out a piece of paper to fit in the frame and set about making some pebble pictures.

You could alternatively glue your pebbles to a piece of card and frame them to last forever..

Here’s our pictures…  













The kids loved doing these (& so did I!) & it was a perfect way to use up our collected beach loot 😊 


🌍 Turn your lights off for an hour tonight at 8.30! Make a den or a shelter or step outside with blankies & watch the stars!….just turn off your lights.
Take part in ‪#‎earthhouruk‬ & show your support & love for our planet…..follow the link to sign up..


Here’s some ideas to use during earth hour… 

Buy yourself some glowsticks and have loads of fun…





The Blossom Tree

Today we walked to the blossom tree. 

We’ve seen this blossom tree bloom, shed & weather a lot.

It’s outside our hospital in a beautiful park laden with squirrels adjoining.

Some of you may remember the blossom tree from a recent post.

We birthed our babies in the hospital, said goodbye to a child there, been cared for during miscarriages there & it’s became our second home with a dodgy heart in tow…

We walk through the park a lot.

Today we walked through the park to  look at the blossom and pick up its fresh fall.

It was beautiful.

We played in the park and made a blossom bunny and a blossom flower with a chocolate treat. 

We left as a hailstone shower emptied from the blue skies. (Of which a hailstone directly fell to land bouncing off my eardrum, I swear!)

It was a lovely day which was made mostly by the hour in which we visited the blossom tree. 

& a day to reflect, love and return home from.